Tragedy of a Stray: Why can’t I have my Own Human

A stray dog’s plea to be with its own human.


No father, nor mother
Born on the street.
Never had a home,
Survival a daily struggle.
Tiny morsels of food,dog5
Cause for a fight.
Cautious glance
Over my shoulder
Day and night,
Afraid that executioners
With their murderous sticks
Will fluff out my
Short life in this world
In a minute.


When the big van
Comes rumbling,
All around me
There is trembling.
Once you are in
And the big doors close,dog4.JPG
You are never back
To the streets
We call home.
Where do our friends vanish,
Nobody knows.

They say we are
Menace on the street
To be culled humanely,
Then please tell us
Why are we allowed to breed?

I want to be clean,
Want to be warm,
Want to be loved,
Want to be hugged.
Man’s best friend,
I want to be with my human.

Every time a car passes by,
And some of my
Well cared cousins
Flaunt their airs,
My heart breaks.
Let out a forlorn cry,
For a warm hug,
And some love
From my best friend.
Oh! why can’t I have
My own human?
A place that I can
Call my own,
My own home?

This constant stress,
Fight for survival,
Fleas and rabies infested life
Is taking its toll.
For a loving hug,
And little warmth,
Will give up the freedom
Of rummaging through
The garbage can.
If you give me a home
My human,
I promise you
I will be good.
For a little love,
I will love you back
Unconditionally forever.

And for that place
Called home,
I promise you my human
You will never be left
Lonely alone.

Author: pranabaxom

Poetry is my passion. I am not a methodical writer. I have no set topics to write about. What I feel, perceive, think about, I will like to share in this blog. I open my mind to the world. Like the weather, sometimes my poems are cloudy, sometimes stormy. I always like to see sunshine streaming through the leaves of trees, so I hope I can share some of those sunshine with my readers.

25 thoughts on “Tragedy of a Stray: Why can’t I have my Own Human”

  1. Oh man…I’m actually teary eyed. Thank you so much for writing this. You’ve made a beautiful poem out of unspoken words. I thought it was impossible to pour so much of pain, suffering and hope in just words but you’ve made it possible. Sometimes I look at my dog and imagine what his life would’ve been if I hadn’t adopted him. I see all the limp, stiff bodies that I had to bury with my own hands and the thought of my Koko being one of them just fills me with dread. If people adopted strays then think of the difference it would make for that one dog who has learnt to struggle all his life, beaten and abused. It will change his entire life.

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  2. I could feel the pain in the truth and the hope in the future. We need to take a second look at strays and our pets, and show care because that’s all they give in return. Thank you pranabaxom for this beautiful poem.

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