Week 13 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”- A Little Humor Goes a Long Way

Week thirteen. One fourth of my journey is over. Only three fourth more to go. Slow and steady, I am about there. Can see the finishing line out on the distance. Only thirty nine more weeks to go. Only! Oh my God! Thirty nine weeks! I need some serious mental exercise to keep my brain going. This wordpress routine is killing my rear end and expanding my midriff. I need some serious physical exercise. I am getting tired. No wonder I do not feel like accepting any awards my wonderful friends bestow on me from time to time. I find excuses to postpone acknowledging the awards and then come up with some lame writing(Of Awards,Acceptance, Apprehensions )to validate my excuses. Truth to be told, it is just laziness and procrastination. In these days of internet and social media, when acronyms are synonymous with efficiency and words like LOL and IMHO etc. that were coined to safeguard the inherent laziness of  modern population, I should not feel too bad about being lazy.

All these introductions must have a purpose. Today is Write Anything Wednesday sponsored by Writerish Ramblings and I had committed myself to write something, just not anything, for one year as an antidote to my laziness. So here I am.  Of course the challenge is what to write. Creating anything from nothing is a speciality of all writers. Though I do not claim to be a writer, I do aspire to be one. When nothing is all you have, nothing may be the final result. So what do I do now?  Suddenly a little light bulb came on in my head. My friend, TIMELESSWHEEL, found some comments that I had made a week or so ago to a post by strength.love.life and requested me to share those with my readers.  I told her that I would sleep over it, trying to avoid writing something up. TIMELESSWHEEL had nominated strength.love.life for A Lovely Blog Award and she in turn had nominated me as one of the fifteen bloggers as part of the rule for accepting the award. I was proud being nominated for the award. Then the fear ( or laziness) reared its ugly head. Oh my! now I have work to do if I accept the award. As usual I tried to wiggle out of it. One of the requirement of accepting the award was to write seven facts about me. I have become somewhat of an expert at it. I have previously answered, or fuzzed depending on the point of view of the reader, fifteen facts about me. So seven facts was a piece of cake. Specially when one has the magic of ctrlC and ctrlV keys, best help for people to ever come out of Microsoft. I went to work, merrily copying and pasting strength.love.live’s responses to her seven facts and providing my own twist to it and posted my comments while acknowledging the award.  This is what strength.love.life found amusing and TIMELESSWHEEL found funny. I am going to share those with you now. Just remember, I did not say it was funny. Oh the horror! wrote something funny and nobody laughed. You know where to point your finger at. I take no responsibility for it being not funny. So without further ado, here it is.

Seven facts about me ( from comments to An Award – A Lovely Blog) :

1. I break out into song every time I take a bath. Is it required to let everybody know how many times I take a bath. I am not sure any body is interested.
2. Rhinos are my favorite animal, but I love dogs. Rhinos are strong no doubt, but unfortunately no match to the AK47s of the poachers who are feeding the aphrodisiacs insanity of oriental medicines.
3. I have absolutely no rhythm so do not dance at all. It’s just to ensure that I do not break any of my bones trying to dance.
4. I would much rather collect a paycheck without working, if that is possible, and think we should all do so. Isn’t that’s what Bernie is advocating?
5. My guilty pleasure is day dreaming about winning the power ball and mega million.
6. My dream as a child was to eat all the ripe mangoes that were kept hidden from me ( so that others at home had a chance to eat some).
7. Every night as a child, and still now, I pray that I can have a full night of restful sleep plus some, but alas, I am the first one to get up in the morning.

You, my dear readers, judge for yourself if that was funny or not. As far as I am concerned, I am happy that I created anything from nothing for posting to Write Anything Wednesday and hopefully made my friend happy also sharing the “funny” comments with my readers.

Now what about a word that starts with “W” for my poem for week thirteen of my fifty two weeks journey with “W”?  I wrote such a lengthy post, which I am sure many will not even bother to read and many will “like” just after skimming the title, and don’t even have a word to start my poem.  A little humor definitely goes a long way, five paragraph and nine hundred words long. I should have wimped out of my whim about sharing the “funny” comments. Aha! wimp and whim. Two words that start with “W”. If only I can write a poem with any one of them.

This post is in response to Write Anything Wednesday 4-27-2016 , Daily Post Community Event, organized by  Writerish Ramblings

Author: pranabaxom

Poetry is my passion. I am not a methodical writer. I have no set topics to write about. What I feel, perceive, think about, I will like to share in this blog. I open my mind to the world. Like the weather, sometimes my poems are cloudy, sometimes stormy. I always like to see sunshine streaming through the leaves of trees, so I hope I can share some of those sunshine with my readers.

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