Plotting a Murder : The Trap

Vanishing food from the bowl

Happy that he was eating well

Till I saw some morsels in a corner

Arranged nicely in a row in perfect order

Scratched my head from when

Did my dog got aesthetically trained

One fine morning the mystery was solved

At night a thief my hallway strolled

What gave the thief away

Was not a clean food tray

The dog food in the corner was gone

Picking up the poop after wards was no fun

Now I need to plan a murder, a full proof plan

A trip to Home Depot is a must today then

Poison as a means of elimination is out of question

Risking my beloved dog’s life is not a solution

Designing a better mousetrap need to wait

With what’s available, a trap must be laid

Planning for the ensuing murder is now finished

I know my stature in PETA’s eye will be diminished

Curtain needs to be drawn on a mystery solved

Surprised how I turned a murderer so bold

Featured image photo is from Google

Author: pranabaxom

Poetry is my passion. I am not a methodical writer. I have no set topics to write about. What I feel, perceive, think about, I will like to share in this blog. I open my mind to the world. Like the weather, sometimes my poems are cloudy, sometimes stormy. I always like to see sunshine streaming through the leaves of trees, so I hope I can share some of those sunshine with my readers.

6 thoughts on “Plotting a Murder : The Trap”

  1. Great poem/story. We had a mouse one year, it collected dog food nuggets and had a big stash under the couch. It also ate candy canes, LOL. The first time I actually saw it, my parents were visiting. It was peeping out from behind the loveseat they were sitting on. I jokingly instructed Ginger (our resident mousetrap/cat) to take care of it, and she did. It took her two seconds and one swipe of her paw. We snatched it and let it go outside. 🙂

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