I remember

I remember

When we sat by the creek

And heard the wind play music 

Rustling through the leaves

Gently rushing waters

Lapping at our feet

As we hold hands

And leaned on each other

We did not talk then


I remember

When you talked

And the night was over

As the sun was rising

Over the horizon

Tired, you went to sleep

On my arms

As my fingers

Gently traced your lips


I remember

When after a long day

Stressed out

You just did not want to talk

Worries lined your face

And I gently ran my finger

Through your hairs

With a sigh

You went to sleep

A smile slowly forming

On your lips


I remember

All these things

And many more

When exasperated

You vent your frustration

And become angry

In my heart, memories sing

I only hear love speak

My darling,

As the years passed

I have come to love you

More than me






Author: pranabaxom

Poetry is my passion. I am not a methodical writer. I have no set topics to write about. What I feel, perceive, think about, I will like to share in this blog. I open my mind to the world. Like the weather, sometimes my poems are cloudy, sometimes stormy. I always like to see sunshine streaming through the leaves of trees, so I hope I can share some of those sunshine with my readers.

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