assault rifles have no place in a civilized society.

Poet's Corner

By Charles Robert Lindholm


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Author: pranabaxom

Poetry is my passion. I am not a methodical writer. I have no set topics to write about. What I feel, perceive, think about, I will like to share in this blog. I open my mind to the world. Like the weather, sometimes my poems are cloudy, sometimes stormy. I always like to see sunshine streaming through the leaves of trees, so I hope I can share some of those sunshine with my readers.


  1. Having served in the Spanish Legión and deployed twice to two “great” countries. We soldiers know how to use it in a deadly way that is, I was infantry. I think that for civilians in the US specially, the use of rifles, guns, is not all that bad idea. I can see in YouTube 10000000 videos of civilian people who “do have the training” and more important the head straight using their weapons to safe their lifes, their familly lifes, and one that stuck with me was a 16 year old kid that was alone in his house with his smaller sister then come in the idiots trying to rob the house and the kid shot one out of the two robbers. Quite good shot by the way, not easy to hit a moving target.
    I think in Chicago guns are very restricted or they might be banded, and what is the city that in just this week you had 50+ people shot and 9 dead? Chicago, people are people, you got the crazy ones that if they don´t have guns they will use other weapons including fists, you can kill with your hands. Point being, it is all about people not weapons.
    Hey!Don´t get mad at me for the dissenting comment.
    Love ya

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    1. Assault weapons in civilian hands are a recipe for disaster.
      The argument that guns in the hand od good people save lives does not hold after the recent Gilroy shooting (3 dead, multiple injured) and Dayton shooting (nine dead, multiple injured). In Gilroy, police was on the spot and it took only one minute to disarm the shooter. Result – nine dead in one minute. In Dayton, it took thirty seconds for police to stop the shooter. Result – nine dead. Would that be possible with a knife or even a single shot gun?


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