Fear corrupts

Fear corrupts the heart,

And then the lies sprout.

The door opens for the devil,

Manipulation becomes the norm.

Truth becomes the victim

While the newly converted

Babbles sanctimonious,

Telling all the world how

Everything said and done is just,

And the congregation just need

To change their shades,

While the perchers bury

their heads in sand.

Power corrupts but the fear

of losing power corrupts


And we the preached

Bemoan what went wrong

Oblivious of our responsibility.

Author: pranabaxom

Poetry is my passion. I am not a methodical writer. I have no set topics to write about. What I feel, perceive, think about, I will like to share in this blog. I open my mind to the world. Like the weather, sometimes my poems are cloudy, sometimes stormy. I always like to see sunshine streaming through the leaves of trees, so I hope I can share some of those sunshine with my readers.

19 thoughts on “Fear corrupts”

  1. Maybe you’re right. You lost me with “preshings” and I’m no more understanding now than earlier. Yes! Of course, I tried to find it! I’m not going to tell you right off the bat that I don’t understand. 😀

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  2. Hopefully you won’t have more to worry about than preachers and their congregations. By the way, please answer me seriously. I read a bit ago about a poll in NH that says 64% of Democrat (and half the Independents) there would rather a meteor hit and kill all people than see Trump re-elected. What goes with this kind of thinking?

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    1. I have not read about that. I don’t believe in killing because I don’t think that helps anything (forget about the morality or justification). I do believe in a democracy people get the government they deserve. So the government does reflect the people they govern.

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    1. Yes, exactly what I was about to write as well. The whole piece is very powerful, Pranab, a fierce critique of how power abuse works and how We, The People, many a time allow this to happen, even we act half unconsciously, “Oblivious of our responsibility”. Your poem is an awareness raising instrument, so well written. Glad to reconnect with you, Pranab. Been too busy lately and have no time for wordpress.

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