Poetry is my passion, my labor of love.  Why do I write poetry?  Poetry allows me to express myself in a way liberating my mind from the vagaries of daily life. Poetry connects me to my inner self.  Writing poetry allows me to soar high, free from the earthly bounds while still connected to the realities of life. I am not a methodical writer.  I have no set topics to write about.  What I feel, perceive, think about, I share.  I open my mind to the world.  Like the weather, sometimes my poems are cloudy, sometimes stormy.  I always like to see sunshine streaming through the leaves of trees, so I hope I can share some of those sunshine with my readers.

60 thoughts on “About”

  1. I don’t follow poem blogs , am not good at understanding it … and the subject makes me sad sometimes.. But you are an exception buddy. Your poems are so … simple and beauty. It is like am reading what’s in my mind ..! Thank you for sharing it!

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  2. I’m glad we met, you have the voice of a friend over a glass of wine, ate the end of the day, talking about stuff that matters… I smiled reading your blog 🙂

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  3. Thank you for liking some of my scribbles and I have enjoyed reading your blog. Not sure I can commit to Blog 201 or whatever it is, I did sign up once and never got any further, It was good to see your blogs about it.

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  4. Hi Pranabaxom, it has been a pleasure to read your blog, and I enjoy coming back and reading your posts regularly. I have just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for your inspiration to me and to others.

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  5. Hi P! (I am not sure on how to call you but it will be a delight to know what name you prefer. :))

    I am glad you stumbled upon my blog because that lead me to yours. 🙂 I love your poem for TLT and I am looking forward to reading more.
    I am particularly thrilled as I read this, “Poetry connects me to my inner self. Writing poetry allows me to soar high, free from the earthly bounds while still connected to the realities of life.” It felt like I am reading my mind through your words. 🙂

    See you around!

    Rosema of A Reading Writer

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and thanks for visiting.
      That picture on my cover is of Dana Peak (13000 ft) in Sierra Nevada taken by me in September of 2014, hiking down from Gaylor Peak (11000 ft). Dana Peak was lighted up by the afternoon sun and looked magnificent.

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