Day 10: Build a Better Blog Roll : Mission Accomplished ( ?? )

I confess.  I cheated.  Not exactly, but took the easy way out.  I was trying to use the Link widget but not being able to use it well and was going through many trial and errors. I was determined to create a better blog roll. But after an unexpected kick on the butt from a fellow blogger, I had to up the ante and finish my assignment first and fast, before the deadline.  Will have to wait for another time to make it better. So I used the Blogs I Follow widgets.  As this allows a maximum of 50, some of the blogs I follow may be left out unintentionally. My apologies.

To my friend whose unexpected comment made me rush to complete the assignment, the remote is in your hand.  If you do not want to wade through “even more do-do “,  you are at your liberty to skip through the posts and not read it.  If I would have thought that going through the Blogging 101 class is wasting my time, I would not have joined or would have dropped out.  I may not like or agree with everything that is posted here but I think I am certainly within my right to write what I want ( as you are certainly within your right to comment what you want).  I am not asking for sympathy from anyone. And there is no ” crap that’s gotten in” my way.  Thanks anyway.


Blogging 101:Day 10 Assignment

I hate to be delinquent but…..It’s going to be midnight soon and I am looking for an excuse.  Nothing comes up in my mind, so here it is.  I am delinquent, period. No ifs and buts, assignment 10 not happening in time.  What a relief to take this load off from my heart.  Another thumbs up for the virtual world, it is easier to be honest compared to the real world. I have three other assignments piled up for this weekend, need to respond to three awards that I had been nominated by three of my blogmates.  My apologies to them for not being able to respond in time.  I tried to goof off, but I am simply being overwhelmed and not having enough time to goof off. Now that I have come clean, I hope I can go to bed with a clear conscience and sleep like a baby.

Blogging 101 – Day 9: Get Inspired by Neighbors

Happy mix-up opens up a new avenue to explore.

The instructions were clear. Write a post based on a comment left on a blogsite as instructed in assignment 8. As fate would have it, mine happened a little differently. I was having a conversation ( what do we call when a conversation that starts with a comment on a blog post – blogversation)with kimberlyqae when suddenly a comment popped up from lovingdolphins . I am still trying to figure out how it happened but it was a happy mix-up. Her comments were very encouraging and she gently nudged both me and kimberlyqae to explore publishing. She shared her experience of publishing with us. This is a very nebulous idea till now, a new avenue to explore. Here I am just trying to navigate the starting of blogosphere and being asked to think about publishing. Talk about being overwhelmed! This is what I am liking about blogging, encouragement and a nurturing atmosphere without being intrusive.

Anniversary coming up

Anniversaries can come in many different forms.


My anniversary is coming up. No, no, not that one. That one is private. This one is the one month anniversary of starting my blog. One month anniversary? Anniversary is supposed to be a yearly event. In today’s world of instant gratification, waiting one year to celebrate an anniversary is too long. By that time attention may drift to something else. Anniversary means need to celebrate some accomplishment. What are the accomplishments of last one month (it’s not yet, two more days to go, but that is another story)? Well, started my blog, joined Blogging University Class 101, completed eight assignments, learnt a lot about blogging and still learning, posted fort five blogs. Whew! But best of all, made so many new friends in the parallel universe of the internet and the way they had opened their hearts to complete strangers by sharing their writing, it’s amazing. Continue reading “Anniversary coming up”

I have heard about mid life crisis, but this…

When I got a free rental of the movie A Walk in the Woods, decided to hike the Appalachian Trails through the eyes of Redford and Nolte


I love free things. Buy one, get one half price or buy two get one free. So on Saturday when I went to get some DVDs and after selecting the second one, saw the enticing message that my third one would be free, I jumped at the opportunity. Going quickly through the selection (I was afraid the person on the que behind me will push me away, impatient that he was getting), I saw a movie title that did not register with me, but the name of the actors did. Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, two of my favorite actors of all time. Came home and saw one movie Saturday night. Quite forgettable. Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation.

Sunday came and it was NFL playoff games, so naturally movie viewing took a backseat. One game was over and outside temperature was still towards the cooler side. Therefore after lunch, decided to see another movie. After MI the day before, I was not in a mood for another action movie. Turned to Redford and Nolte duet. A Walk in the Woods.

As soon as the previews were over and the main movie started, I saw that the movie had to do something about hiking. Note that I am not a movie reviewer nor a critique. I see movies for enjoyment and do not dwell too much on the movie once I had seen it. But I love hiking and try to hike as much as I can in the weekends. Just two days back, I had discussed about hiking the Appalachian Trails and realized how far fetched my dream was. We live in the west coast and to go out for six months at a stretch to hike the Appalachian Trails is a pipe dream. So when I realized the movie has something to do with hiking the Appalachian Trails, I just fastened my seat belts, hunkered down and got ready for an exciting ride ( sorry, hike). And what a ride it was. I am not going to bother you with the details of the movie. If you are interested, you can rent the dvd and see for yourself. I think you will not be disappointed. What a pleasure it was to hike the trail with these two fabulous actors from the comfort of my family room with the heater on. I think I identify myself more with the character played by Redford but empathize more with the character played by Nolte. What a lovable, honest, screwball rascal.

Somewhat in the beginning of the movie, during an interview Bill Bryson(character played by Redford)made a comment that goes something like this: ” a writer die writing or by a bullet through his head.” No intention of doing either. Never had a gun nor do I intend to buy one. Dying by writing? God forbid!

The basic tenet of the movie itself, well I have heard about midlife crisis, but this….

Blogging 101: Day 3: 5 Tags and 5 Follow

Building a long term relationship need some hard work upfront.

Blogging 101: Day 3: 5 Tags and 5 Follow

Well, that is easy, you would think.  5 Follows, piece of cake. 5 tags, no sweat.  In reality, who do we want to follow?  We want to follow someone or something we like or we want to follow someone or something that is complete anti-thesis to what we like to get a different view point.  Decisions, decisions.  To complete the assignment, it is easy. Just follow your heart.  To build a long term relationship, well like any long term relationship, it will require some hard work upfront.   One of the added assignment of day 3 was to post a blog.  I had been posting regularly in my blog site ( for last few weeks and I thought about what to post.  The result was a poem “To The Author of the Book I am Reading” that I have posted in my blog.  Assignment complete, waiting for the next one.

To the Author of the Book I am Reading

A good author draws us to his writing by blurring the world between fiction and reality and it is hard for us to walk away from a good book.

To the Author of the Book I am Reading

All characters in the book
Are fictional
You proclaim
With an enticing cover
Cleverly written Forward
A back cover with tidbits
I am drawn to turn the pages
Between the covers
Soon I am engrossed
Fictional characters turns real
Mind drugged with your emotion
Surrendering to your thoughts
World of fiction grips real life
Tongue starts speaking
Your language
I become one with your
Fictional characters
Fiction becomes reality
Know I can close the book
Imprison your characters
Inside the cover
Throw it away
Go about my daily life
Do tell me
When in your book
You have depicted me
Emotions real
Flowing from my heart
How do I shut thee off
And walk away from me?