Start of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey

Wednesday and that means Write Anything Wednesday. In my last Wednesday’s post I had talked about writing a poem every Wednesday that would start with a word starting with letter “W”. Today is the start of that fifty two weeks long journey. To start this journey, I have chosen one of the shortest and in my knowledge only two letter word starting with the letter W. Now I am no lexicographer, so my word is not the final authority. In all my years of playing scrabbles with my kids( Ah!, there I gave out some more pieces of information about me to the clouds), I have not come across any other two letter words starting with the letter W. Kids are expert in scrabbles, right? So I must be on solid grounds about my claim. As pronouns are not allowed to be used in scrabbles, I had lost that fight to the kids.

So without much ado, let me present my first starting word for my first poem of my fifty two week long journey. ” WE “. Why WE? Hope my poem will be able to answer that. Oh my! I have not started writing my poem yet. But the time zone that I live, I still have about nine and half hours left before Thursday rolls in. So I am in good shape. Time for a coffee break. Alas, I will be drinking alone while sharing my thoughts with y’all.


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