Strange World of Internet

We live in a world where more and more we communicate through social media and our passing away may be noticed only when our fingers stop posting.

Strange World of Internet

Pressed for time
Days pass by
We don’t talk
We don’t call
All the time
Our fingers fly
They now do
All the talking
Eyes fixed on
The screen upfront
We make friends
All over the world
Hidden in the cloud
Our circle grows
Thrive for Likes
Wait for comments
With bated breath
Words of encouragement
Make our day
We pour our hearts
To unseen friends
Parallel universe we live in
Existence defined by
User names and tag lines
What we post
On our screens
One day fingers
Will be tired
Our posts will
Become infrequent
Till they fall silent
Our unseen friends
Will wonder
Traffic will diminish
Then stop
On screen identity
Still alive
But we are gone
What a strange
World of Internet
We live in

Getting Out of Our Comfort Zones

Why are we afraid to get out of our comfort zones and fly?

What are we afraid of normally?  In life, many a time we take one step forward and two steps backward.  What pulls us back?  What is our hesitation to embrace the unknown?  We will like to ask something but words will fail us.  We will like to write something but the pen will not move ( or our fingers will froze on the keyboard or touch screen).  Is it our fear of failure or fear of rejection?  In this journey of life, there is only one absolute truth.  Once we are born, one day all of us will have to leave.  Beyond that is unknown.  So what are we afraid of?  Why not to live in the moment and enjoy this journey of life to the fullest?  Why to be chained or constrained?  Caterpillars go into the cocoons, get liquefied and comes out as beautiful butterflies.  It seems that we go into the cocoons of our comfort zones, get comfortable and refuse to come out.  Like pigs, comfortable in their pigsties wallowing in the mud, we get comfortable in our comfort zones, however miserable those zones may be, and refuse to come out.

If we fail, so what?  At least we have tried.  If we are rejected, so what?  At least we have asked.

Hope in this new year, all of us who are afraid to fly will come out of our comfort zones and soar high.

Christmas Musing

day will come when all of us will be able to greet any of us, irrespective of our religious affiliation, with the religious greeting of the season without feeling out of place

Christmas Musing

It was a bright, beautiful, cool, sunny Christmas morning in my hometown.  In essence, it was a gorgeous day.  My inbox and social media, whatever little I use of it, was full with Christmas, Holiday and early New Year’s greetings.  Made me think.

I am not a Christian nor any member of my immediate family is Christian, so none of us practice the religious side of Christmas but I think many of us take part in some way in the festive side. But among my family members, I did not see any hesitation from any corner in wishing Merry Christmas (or the secular greeting of Happy Holidays in some case) to each other.  I have seen many of my friends wishing  Eid Mubarak or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Diwali to my Muslim or Jewish or Hindu friends and I do it regularly myself without thinking anything about it. But I will be hard pressed to find one single occasion when I may have greeted any of my family members with Eid Mubarak or Happy Hanukkah greetings.  Though I do not have any data to prove it, I do not think I will be amiss if that’s the case with my friend circle also.  So what makes it easy to greet non Christians with Merry Christmas in the season?  Is it that rampant commercialization ( and Santa Claus ) has made Christmas, at least the festive part of it, more secular and acceptable to people of other faith.  If that is so, more strength to commercialization.

I do hope that a day will come when all of us will be able to greet any of us, irrespective of our religious affiliation, with the religious greeting of the season without feeling out of place ( or shall I say out of religion).  Till that day comes, peace be upon all of us.  Live and let live ( in peace).