She was a Woman

Thank God that she was a woman

Without her I would not be the man

I am today

Her silence spoke volume of an inner strength

Gentle eyes radiated love

A touch softer than a billowing cloud

Warm enough to melt a hardened heart

Faith and belief in goodness of man

Hearth open at any time of the day

For the needy

Never asked but shared what she had

A voice never raised to keep us straight

Mere thought of hurting her

Enough to show  us the light

Who needed medicine

When a hug was enough

To take away all the pain

Thank you God

For making my mother

A woman

Without her

I would not be the man

I am today

A tribute to my mother on International Women’s Day


Peace does not flow from the Barrel of a Gun

Peace enforced by power of the sword

A dubious co-existence at best

Shimmering discontent lurks beneath

To raise its ugly head

Once the sword is rusted

And another one takes its place

Those who take up the cudgel

To spread peace in the name

of the enlightened one

Those who profess to spread the

One and only truth

Preaching to high heaven

The glory of the enlightened one

Hope there is still a small window

To your heart

To let the sun shine

Accept and acknowledge

Love and peace

And ask if

Sacrifice of the innocent

Suppressing difference

Is asked of you

To spread the light

Only in the heart of a despot

Peace flows from the

Barrel of a gun


Against the Tide: RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge # 243 Swim & Float

This post is in response to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge .

Swimming against tide
Dark hostile environment
A precious life floats
Nine months and counting
Swimming and floating in peace
Harsh world waits outside
Swim, you precious soul
Cruel sharks circling around
Floating dangerous



Friday Freebies: It’s a Birthday

Well the birthday is not actually today but it is being celebrated today at the university where the university library is named in his honor.  His birthday is tomorrow, March 2.  But hey, it’s Friday, party time and I am sure he would not mind.  He most probably would have loved it today, being surrounded by young folks, many of whom must have Continue reading “Friday Freebies: It’s a Birthday”

March Pi-Archimedes #1

Poem with a mathematical form from Kat

like mercury colliding...

the art of the spiel

i could be
by your idealistic opinions
things like reality and facts
meant anything, but as it stands you seem delusional


For March I’m going all out Geek by featuring a daily Pi-Archimedes poem! Feel free to join me if you like! 😉

The Pi-Archimedes verse is:
○ a hexastich, a poem in 6 lines.
○ measured by the number of words in each line 3-1-4-1-5-9 to match the numerical sequence of the first six digits of Pi.
○ unrhymed.


The background for this series is an Ulam Spiral. The Ulam spiral or prime spiral (in other languages also called the Ulam cloth) is a graphical depiction of the set of prime numbers, devised by mathematician Stanislaw Ulam in 1963 and popularized in Martin Gardner’s Mathematical Games column in Scientific American a short time later. It is constructed by writing…

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