Star Crossed

Destiny brought them together, reality split asunder


Destiny must have scripted their meet
They were blown out of their feet
First time when they gazed at each other
They knew they are meant to be together
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Start of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey

Wednesday and that means Write Anything Wednesday. In my last Wednesday’s post I had talked about writing a poem every Wednesday that would start with a word starting with letter “W”. Today is the start of that fifty two weeks long journey. To start this journey, I have chosen one of the shortest and in my knowledge only two letter word starting with the letter W. Now I am no lexicographer, so my word is not the final authority. In all my years of playing scrabbles with my kids( Ah!, there I gave out some more pieces of information about me to the clouds), I have not come across any other two letter words starting with the letter W. Kids are expert in scrabbles, right? So I must be on solid grounds about my claim. As pronouns are not allowed to be used in scrabbles, I had lost that fight to the kids.

So without much ado, let me present my first starting word for my first poem of my fifty two week long journey. ” WE “. Why WE? Hope my poem will be able to answer that. Oh my! I have not started writing my poem yet. But the time zone that I live, I still have about nine and half hours left before Thursday rolls in. So I am in good shape. Time for a coffee break. Alas, I will be drinking alone while sharing my thoughts with y’all.


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When Nothing Seems to Work

Days when nothing seems to work well
Even getting up from bed feels like hell
Everything touched start falling apart
Mind goes blank burdened with a heavy heart
When the weight of the world bears down
Everywhere is darkness, nowhere to run
Climbing into a fetal position in a cocoon
All around it’s a premonition of doom
Hiding in a corner as if it is a safe harbour
When suddenly in the air there is a soft murmur
The world is neither a bed of roses
Nor the world owes anything to you
Grass is not always green
Not always covered with dew
Get up, awake, take hold, be in control
No shame in failing
Try again
Take hold and be on a roll

Council of Elders

Source of Inspiration

The Elders of the tribe
hold council for the young
offering the wisdom gleaned
through time. Wrinkled faces
bowed backs, they listen patiently
then, in brevity of words, offer
possibilities to consider, leaving
final decisions to wait until
all have been heard and a
vote taken; justice, fairness
compassion guide the process.

Now our Elders are abandoned
in hallways of loneliness
institutions where they sit
drugged into silence
to wait without honor
until death steals them away
and another forgotten
mother or father finds
their place of lost dreams.

Oh, you ungrateful children
your time will come when
you, too, are cast away
left on the roadside
like a forgotten shoe
you change a culture
that no longer respects
their elders to one
that cherishes all ages
from womb to tomb
and into the Great Beyond.

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