Day 14 – Blowing Your Own Trumpet

Feeling of failing a test before even attempting


Day Fourteen: Extend Your Brand

I never had the feeling of flunking out before I began.  Today it ultimately happened.  I am not Mr. Trump to blow my own Trumpet(pun intended).  Never did it.  But today’s assignment, in a sense, is an attempt at blowing my own trumpet.  My extent of social networking have been my month old exercise at blogging, that I realize I am enjoying and “whatsapp”, that I use to keep in contact with my modern family members who refuse to call or write.  I have a twitter account but I have no idea where it is tweeting now.  Facebook – well I have a face I suppose.  See it in the mirror everyday morning while shaving.  Well, I already gave up a little information about myself, I am a man.  I do read books, but combining my face and my books does not make Facebook, I think.  Instagram, Pinterest – never used. There I go, flunked before I start.  Wacky Wednesday indeed. If I would have known that this is going to be the assignment for day 14, I would have waited a little bit before submitting my day 13 assignment, “Write Anything Wednesday”.  This could have been my submission.  Now I am left savoring the taste of flunking before attempting.

Day Thirteen – Blogging 101 _ Write Anything Wednesday”

I have written about something, sometimes nothing, but anything? Is this Wacky Wednesday

“Write Anything Wednesday” – anything?
The freedom is exhilarating.
I am going to start writing,
Lest I miss the deadline of posting.
Don’t want to be caught napping. Continue reading “Day Thirteen – Blogging 101 _ Write Anything Wednesday””

Bent but not Broken

Old, battered and bruised by nature, bent but not broken.

From across the room
I saw him rising slowly,
Knees bent.
I hurried to help.
He looked up,
Smiled and said,
I can still carry my own.

Battered and bruised,
Scorching sun of summer,
Harsh cold of brutal winters
Have taken their toll.
Withered skin and gnarled bones,
Lumbering walk.
But that twinkle in the eyes
Sends out a message
Loud and clear,
Bent but not broken.
Like a phoenix
Rising from its ashes,
Sun peeping out
From behind the rain clouds,
The old man throws a challenge.
Nature will do its work,
And I will do mine.

My Learning Style (The Daily Post) – Day 11-Blogging101

Learning can be fun, learning style varies.

I have a learning style, I never knew why.
Now I have to do an assignment, makes me cry.
Always thought it is fun to learn,
Or was it always learn to earn?
Now that I have to start my assignment in writing,
Need to go back to my earliest beginning. Continue reading “My Learning Style (The Daily Post) – Day 11-Blogging101”

When “The Roles Are Reversed”

Just now read this poem from our fellow blogmate princessjm .  She had expressed something that so many of us experienced or will experience in our lives.  I was touched. Photo accompanying the post brings up the essence of the thought process beautifully.  I hope I can express myself so well.  Check this out on her site.

Faded Yellow Brick Road

In a world full of hatred, mankind has lost its innocence

Somewhere beyond the rainbows
The yellow brick road has faded
Road littered with potholes
Does not lead back home
Munchkins still till the land
Pot of gold beyond reach
Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion
Lost their hearts
Wicked witches of east and west
Risen from their slumber
Intent on slandering
All Dorothys and Totos
Of this world
Emerald City full
With wolves and hyenas
Fangs ready to tear
Innocence from our hearts
Wizard has lost his ways
Road to Kansas
Full of perils
Silver slippers lost
Its powers
Tsunami of hatred
Dropped us
In the land of Death