It’s Cold Tonight

By Rewa Pednekar It’s cold tonight So give me a blanket and turn up the heat So that I don’t freeze and fall ill It’s cold tonight So hold me against your beating heart So that these goosebumps acr…

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Epilogues to be Written

Somewhere a dried fallen leaf silently weeping
Somewhere a rosebud resplendent in its innocent smile
In this hide and seek of smile and cry
We are tortured history’s witnesses, deaf and blind

In the relentless forward journey of life
It may be better to let go and start anew
Pain and sufferings of those fallen and left behind
Hard will be to erase the pain from our hearts

Memories, written in indelible ink and stored
Tucked away under multiple layers and keys lost
Floating into conscious from subconscious
Searing pain of hopeless hearts

Easier to turn new pages of the books of life
Events and characters of pages already read
Rearing their heads, time to time, will disturb
Prologues gone and history, epilogues to be written



Infidelity: Limerick Challenge Week 17 – Farewell

There was this beautiful couple in New York
Having a quiet dinner of roasted pork
Somebody loudly rang the bell
Man ran out without a farewell
Husband ran behind him with a pitchfork

This post is in response to Limerick Challenge Week 17 by MindandLifeMatters

Life Temporal

Life temporal ended today at fifty seven, purple rains will fall no more
Cherry blossoms only in season, you have my all seasons’ colors
I, Prince, bid adieu today to compose, play and sing for the eternal King

I am sad today to think of anything else.


Three line poem, maximum 100 words, based on the photo above

Warm and Warmth

Warm feelings cascading through my veins
Imagining caressing of mother’s hands
On burning forehead dripping sweat
Pain and suffering gone in an instant

Warmth of those hugs and kiss
Fills the heart with perfect bliss
Enough to last a complete lifetime
She is gone but feeling of warmth still mine

Warm glow of that first love
Kept in a corner of heart safe
When chips are down and life is hard
Look back and encouraged to go forward

Warm feelings of holding my newborn
When those innocent eyes first opened
Looking at my eyes seeking assurance
Heart melt, still not frozen

Warm sunny days as I look up to the sky
Lying on the beach as life goes by
Source of all life slowly warming me up
A silent thank you to the sun from my heart

Week 12 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Write Anything Wednesday 4-20-2016