and male created gods

Did men imagine and created gods in their own imperfect images?


Ahur Mazda and Jehovah
Jeus and Jupiter
Vishnu, Brahma, Maheshwar
God and Allah
Every one we had prayed and pray
All males!
Is it a coincidence?
From the womb that we came,
Are we afraid to worship them?

Gender discrimination, preordained?

Creation of fertile imagination
Of idle men,
Creating gods in their own images?
Bipolar world creating
Bipolar image,
All merciful
Asking for sacrifice.
Heaven and hell
Is here on earth,
What we create
We see the results.

Are we created
In his image, or
Imagined perfection
Of our images led
Imperfect males to
Create gods
In their images?






Emotions so thin

Emotion clouds reason making communication difficult.

Emotions so thin
Most delicate tip of
Fresh grass
Rips through it
Soothing words to 
Heal thy wound
Am afraid
Will irritate more
Words coming from
Raw wound, bleeding
Deep inside my heart
Contorting what I 
Meant to say
Silently walk away
Tried to reason
Failed to handle emotion

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Everything good and beautiful in nature is free to be shared.

My friend shared a picture
Beautiful sunrise over the lake
Wish I was there

Could not reciprocate
Our sun was hiding
Dark rain clouds
Ominous and brooding

Another day,another morning
Rain clouds are gone
Glorious sunrise
Bright and warm

Nature’s reminder
We may not all be there, but
Everything good, everything beautiful
Is free to share


I have heard about mid life crisis, but this…

When I got a free rental of the movie A Walk in the Woods, decided to hike the Appalachian Trails through the eyes of Redford and Nolte


I love free things. Buy one, get one half price or buy two get one free. So on Saturday when I went to get some DVDs and after selecting the second one, saw the enticing message that my third one would be free, I jumped at the opportunity. Going quickly through the selection (I was afraid the person on the que behind me will push me away, impatient that he was getting), I saw a movie title that did not register with me, but the name of the actors did. Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, two of my favorite actors of all time. Came home and saw one movie Saturday night. Quite forgettable. Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation.

Sunday came and it was NFL playoff games, so naturally movie viewing took a backseat. One game was over and outside temperature was still towards the cooler side. Therefore after lunch, decided to see another movie. After MI the day before, I was not in a mood for another action movie. Turned to Redford and Nolte duet. A Walk in the Woods.

As soon as the previews were over and the main movie started, I saw that the movie had to do something about hiking. Note that I am not a movie reviewer nor a critique. I see movies for enjoyment and do not dwell too much on the movie once I had seen it. But I love hiking and try to hike as much as I can in the weekends. Just two days back, I had discussed about hiking the Appalachian Trails and realized how far fetched my dream was. We live in the west coast and to go out for six months at a stretch to hike the Appalachian Trails is a pipe dream. So when I realized the movie has something to do with hiking the Appalachian Trails, I just fastened my seat belts, hunkered down and got ready for an exciting ride ( sorry, hike). And what a ride it was. I am not going to bother you with the details of the movie. If you are interested, you can rent the dvd and see for yourself. I think you will not be disappointed. What a pleasure it was to hike the trail with these two fabulous actors from the comfort of my family room with the heater on. I think I identify myself more with the character played by Redford but empathize more with the character played by Nolte. What a lovable, honest, screwball rascal.

Somewhat in the beginning of the movie, during an interview Bill Bryson(character played by Redford)made a comment that goes something like this: ” a writer die writing or by a bullet through his head.” No intention of doing either. Never had a gun nor do I intend to buy one. Dying by writing? God forbid!

The basic tenet of the movie itself, well I have heard about midlife crisis, but this….


Agony of the last moments before death and the desire to release from that pain

Cars darting out
From right lane to left
Serpentine traffic

Up ahead
Dark silhouette
Like a snake
About to strike
As if dancing
A sensuous dance
In the wind

Roadkill – squirrel
Struck by a car
Head stuck to the road
Rear trying to get up
Death’s sinuous dance
Last few breaths
Before curtain call

Sudden desire
To be executioner
Spare the agony
Of painful wait
Sniffling and a silent cry
Child on her way to school

Did a silent prayer
Turned hard to the left
Adding to the traffic jam
Silent prayer
Not for RIP
For somebody brave enough
To stay on the right.

At the Bus Stop

People at a bus stop and their responses towards efforts at small talks

At the Bus Stop

Eyes fixed on their cellphones
Or darting to their watch
As if constant checking of time
Will make the bus arrive fast

I tried to make small talks
Only five of us waiting
Rebuffed by the cold stares
I still kept on grinning

Old lady with a neat little hat
Small shopping bag in her hand
Age had taken it’s toll
Hard for her to bend

Two teenagers in their prime
Eyes glued to their cell phones
Oblivious to the outside world
Their cold stares chilled my bones

Young school girl back from school
Stuffed backpack weighing her down
Scribbling on her notebook
She glared at me with a frown

Thought except being a male
What else is my crime
With four ladies at the bus stop
Standing in a line

Bus came at last
Everybody made a dash
Extended my hand to the old lady
She looked up, smiled, took my hand
And said “Gracias”

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Blogging 101: Assignment 5 : Weekend 1

Although today was supposed to be working on trying out different themes and going over blog posts from fellow blogmates, things did not turn out to be as planned.  After watching two playoff football games, not much time was left for anything else.  And now to family movie time.  So tomorrow is going to be a busy day trying to play catch up with the assignment.