Strangers when we met

Communication is essential to ensure that relationship does not regress to being strangers.


Strangers when we met

When we met
Many moons ago
Fellow travelers
Seen the world
Happiness and pain

Without talking
Without speaking

Long walks
In silence
Eyes focused
On different horizons
Road diverged
Without our knowledge

Need to talk
To communicate
Before become
Strangers again



People migrates to unknown lands, not knowing what lies ahead, leaving their hearts behind. What matters is that enjoy the ride and at the end of the journey, make the destination your own.


Where it had begun
I left my heart
Where it will end
What to expect
In my path
Changing landscapes
Take me back
To another journey
I took eons ego
To an unknown land
Heart heavy with pain
Leaving everything behind
That I knew
Expectations beckoning
To start anew
Long past that journey
Made my home
In that distant land
Does it matter
What lies ahead
At the end of
The unknown path
Come what may
Enjoy the ride
Embrace the unknown
At journey’s end
Make the destination
Your own.

I can’t speak up for myself, will YOU

“appetite for rhino horn is so great that it now fetches up to $100,000/kg, making it worth more than its weight in gold. (Horns average around 1-3 kg each, depending on the species.)”

I can’t speak up for myself, will YOU

In the dead of night
Came death
Came silentlyRhino
But finished the work
With loud bangs
Took my mother
Away from me
She tried to save me
With all her might
She fought
But was no match
For their weapons
Her only weapon
Of defense
Mercilessly they cut
From her still warm bodyRhino4
What good it is for them
They did not leave me alone
Before they left
The scene of
Their heinous crime
I was finished off
With a loud sound
We were peaceful
Just wanted to roam
In a little corner of the world
We called home
Their greed
Left us dead and mutilated
I can’t speak up for myself
Will YOU?
Note:  All photos of dead rhinos from the


Resolved: New Year 2016 Resolution

Resolved to make a list of New Year Resolutions to be broken. Made the list, so I kept my resolution.



Every year, by Dec 31st, I always make a list of New Year’s resolution with the full intention of breaking the list at the first opportunity.  This year was no different, I did resolve to make the list for 2016. I did keep my resolution and I have a blog post to prove it.  This year I upped the ante.  I created a list of my own Ten Commandments for 2016.  You may visit my post “My Ten Commandments” in by blog


Blogging 101: Day 3: 5 Tags and 5 Follow

Building a long term relationship need some hard work upfront.

Blogging 101: Day 3: 5 Tags and 5 Follow

Well, that is easy, you would think.  5 Follows, piece of cake. 5 tags, no sweat.  In reality, who do we want to follow?  We want to follow someone or something we like or we want to follow someone or something that is complete anti-thesis to what we like to get a different view point.  Decisions, decisions.  To complete the assignment, it is easy. Just follow your heart.  To build a long term relationship, well like any long term relationship, it will require some hard work upfront.   One of the added assignment of day 3 was to post a blog.  I had been posting regularly in my blog site ( for last few weeks and I thought about what to post.  The result was a poem “To The Author of the Book I am Reading” that I have posted in my blog.  Assignment complete, waiting for the next one.

To the Author of the Book I am Reading

A good author draws us to his writing by blurring the world between fiction and reality and it is hard for us to walk away from a good book.

To the Author of the Book I am Reading

All characters in the book
Are fictional
You proclaim
With an enticing cover
Cleverly written Forward
A back cover with tidbits
I am drawn to turn the pages
Between the covers
Soon I am engrossed
Fictional characters turns real
Mind drugged with your emotion
Surrendering to your thoughts
World of fiction grips real life
Tongue starts speaking
Your language
I become one with your
Fictional characters
Fiction becomes reality
Know I can close the book
Imprison your characters
Inside the cover
Throw it away
Go about my daily life
Do tell me
When in your book
You have depicted me
Emotions real
Flowing from my heart
How do I shut thee off
And walk away from me?



Our ego clouds our judgement that our learning is superficial and that may lead to disastar.



We scratch the surface
Gather few grains of sand
Our hearts bursting with pride
With knowledge newly found
We march out to the world
Blowing our trumpets
To educate the masses
When we are questioned
And answers elude us
Claim the high moral ground
Branding the inquisitives
As rabble rousers
In the cocoon of our ego
We are oblivious to reasons
Humility was long discarded
In the downward spiral
Of our deadly dance