Power of Word

Words can bring rewards or it can bring death.


It can be rewarding, or
Result in beheading,
Uplifting, mesmerizing, or
Insanely deflating. Continue reading “Power of Word”

When “The Roles Are Reversed”

Just now read this poem from our fellow blogmate princessjm .  She had expressed something that so many of us experienced or will experience in our lives.  I was touched. Photo accompanying the post brings up the essence of the thought process beautifully.  I hope I can express myself so well.  Check this out on her site.

Faded Yellow Brick Road

In a world full of hatred, mankind has lost its innocence

Somewhere beyond the rainbows
The yellow brick road has faded
Road littered with potholes
Does not lead back home
Munchkins still till the land
Pot of gold beyond reach
Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion
Lost their hearts
Wicked witches of east and west
Risen from their slumber
Intent on slandering
All Dorothys and Totos
Of this world
Emerald City full
With wolves and hyenas
Fangs ready to tear
Innocence from our hearts
Wizard has lost his ways
Road to Kansas
Full of perils
Silver slippers lost
Its powers
Tsunami of hatred
Dropped us
In the land of Death


Life is a List

Life that has become a list of hurried events and to-do-list is meaningless.

Calendar of To-Do-List,
Tasks to be completed,
Meaningless gestures,
Impatience reigns.
Life has become
An accumulation of
Hurried events.

Silent voices
In our brains,
Lost in the cacophony
Of meaningless sounds,
Talks fail to communicate.

We wait for the moment
To check every bullet
On the to-do-list,
Strike through every task,
Before we stop
To smell the roses,
Roses have withered.

If there is life after,
Somewhere beyond eternity
Where time has no meaning,
Dark voids of space,
Absolute vacuum,
Where sound is silent,
Hand in hand
We walk.
Life meaningful again,
Not a list of
Hurried events.

Day 10: Build a Better Blog Roll : Mission Accomplished ( ?? )

I confess.  I cheated.  Not exactly, but took the easy way out.  I was trying to use the Link widget but not being able to use it well and was going through many trial and errors. I was determined to create a better blog roll. But after an unexpected kick on the butt from a fellow blogger, I had to up the ante and finish my assignment first and fast, before the deadline.  Will have to wait for another time to make it better. So I used the Blogs I Follow widgets.  As this allows a maximum of 50, some of the blogs I follow may be left out unintentionally. My apologies.

To my friend whose unexpected comment made me rush to complete the assignment, the remote is in your hand.  If you do not want to wade through “even more do-do “,  you are at your liberty to skip through the posts and not read it.  If I would have thought that going through the Blogging 101 class is wasting my time, I would not have joined or would have dropped out.  I may not like or agree with everything that is posted here but I think I am certainly within my right to write what I want ( as you are certainly within your right to comment what you want).  I am not asking for sympathy from anyone. And there is no ” crap that’s gotten in” my way.  Thanks anyway.

Life Without Rhythm

In life it does not matter if everything falls in line or not. It matters if one has tried or not.

In a life without rhythm
Does it matter if
Poetry does not rhyme?
Why waste time
Looking for words
Falling in line?

Waves crashing on the shores
Washes away footprints
On sands of time.
Enjoy the beauty
While you can.
Do not leave footprints,
Those who come behind
Leave it unspoiled for them.

May have failed
At everything I tried,
Happy at where I am
Because I tried.

May not have been the best
Lover, spouse, father,
Never had the Midas touch
Why should I bother?
Never gave up, never left,
Present at every step.
Is it a crime,
If my poem does not rhyme?

Realization at last
From chaos to creation,
There is a rhyme in
Life without rhythm.

Blogging 101:Day 10 Assignment

I hate to be delinquent but…..It’s going to be midnight soon and I am looking for an excuse.  Nothing comes up in my mind, so here it is.  I am delinquent, period. No ifs and buts, assignment 10 not happening in time.  What a relief to take this load off from my heart.  Another thumbs up for the virtual world, it is easier to be honest compared to the real world. I have three other assignments piled up for this weekend, need to respond to three awards that I had been nominated by three of my blogmates.  My apologies to them for not being able to respond in time.  I tried to goof off, but I am simply being overwhelmed and not having enough time to goof off. Now that I have come clean, I hope I can go to bed with a clear conscience and sleep like a baby.