No More School For Me

Beautiful poem. May not agree with everything. Took the liberty of reblogging this on my site.

Frank Solanki

They make me wake up early
When I should be sleeping instead
The sun hasn’t raised his head
But I’m already out of my bed
I go through the motions
Like a ritual, everyday
I dream about the weekends
But they’re always far away
I wish I could find a formula to make myself grow
I won’t be going to school
I won’t be going to school tomorrow

All sorts of people fill that place
My friends, they are friendly
The bullies, they all bully
And they all do their jobs so perfectly
Mr. Vain, he is kind
Miss Confused, she is nice
But when I ask them a question
They fill me up with lies
And all sorts of nonsensical stuff, at me, they throw
I won’t be going to school
I won’t be going to school tomorrow

There are so many other things
I’d rather be…

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Second poem starting with”W” in the series of fifty two weeks journey with “W”.

Wonder why we are here
What is the purpose of life
Where did we come from
Where will we go
Wonder if we are alone in this universe
Why are we destroying this world of ours
Wonder what will be our legacy to progenies
Worry only death, destruction, famine or wars
While we debate and throw science to the winds
World slowly marches towards cataclysm
Wonderful world of ours one day
Will certainly be in ruins
Woefully unprepared to face reality
We march on to our final annihilation
Wondering all the time
Will we be ready for rehabilitation
World of ours is a
Worthy cause to fight for
Wonder if we all get together
Winning the war against ignorance
Words of enlightenment spread far and wide
Will we be able to reverse the tide

Write Anything Wednesday


Week 2 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

This is my second week of of the fifty two weeks journey of writing a poem starting with letter “W” for Write Anything Wednesday.  This Wednesday started rough with some computer virus affecting my computer.  Everytime I click on, my computer will ask me, yes ask me with a loud enough voice, to call the number on the screen to clean up my computer while the blue screen of death would stare back at me.  I am sure if I had called that number my computer would have been really, really cleaned. By the time I cleaned my computer and was ready to start, I was mentally drained.  I wondered loudly why did I sign up for this long journey and then without any warning, today’s starting word literally fell into my laps ( or to my keyboard?).  Yes, I found my word for today.  WONDER.  Now I have to figure out what do I write starting with “Wonder”.  I will wonder about it during my Chinese New year lunch with my friends.  This is the Year of the Monkeys but I promise you it is not going to be any monkey business. Till that time, my dear readers, I leave you to “Wonder” what it is going to be.

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Computer Virus Update

I  cannot access wordpress anymore from my pc as some virus has overtaken it. All my other stuff runs fine except wordpress. So I will be most probably out of circulation still it gets fixed.

Well, as viruses go this one was simple to remove but wasted my time.  Chrome browser is very susceptible for viruses.  I had this issue before, a very severe case, so I was kind of ready this time. Never a pleasant experience.

Now my thought process for the day is all interrupted. A good Chinese New Year lunch should restore it, I hope.

Weeping Alone

Need to invest in nurturing a relationship less it drifts apart

Hearts connected, not by blood but
Invisible thread, carefully nurtured
Need investment, tender loving care
Taken for granted, silken smooth thread
Frayed by use, rendered fragile
Ready to snap, umbilical cord
Though cut at birth, bonded forever
Hearts once broken, drifts apart
Never to cross path, even the majestic oak
Uncared for, ravaged by disease
Uprooted by sudden storm, all the time spent
Building a loving relationship, all in vain
Not nurtured regularly, all those thought to be own
Drift apart in time, left alone when needed
Lamenting what could have been, weeping alone