Lost in Communication

Love and understanding can be lost by the pain of spoken words.

Lost in Communication

Side by side
Holding hands
Not a word did
We speak
Our hearts were full
Words did not matter
Knew what we meant
Without a word
Being spoken
Looking at
Each other’s eyes
A gentle touch
Quivering of the lips
Sensuous dance
Of the eyes
Enough to
Speak volumes

We wanted more
Wanted to hear each other
We wanted to sing
Opened our mouth
Words came out
Gently, softly
Singing beautiful tunes
Gurgling like a stream

Our vocabulary improved
We gathered steam
Sweet, soft sound
Of gentle drizzle
Turned to torrential rain
Gurgling stream to
White water rapids
Thunder and lightning
Hearing each other
So much pain

We spoke
But our words
Lost all meaning
In communication

Lament of a Little One Lost in Sea

a kids lament and sense of helplessness on being swept away to sea while fleeing the marauding hordes of rampaging killers

Lament of a Little One Lost in Sea


It’s dark all around me
Waves and swells of a rough sea
Pitch black bottomless darkness
Harkens to me
I came to this world
Without given a choice
Where I was born
Language I would speak
Who I do pray
Environment I be in
Always told
If I am good
All forgiving, all powerful, all merciful
Will take care of me
What wrong I had done
Few years I had on this earth
Abandoned now in my time of need
Told that across the sea
Lies the promised land
Where I would be free
Dead in the middle of night
Did we flee
Did not have a hand
When we left the only place
I knew as my home
I had no choice
As the marauding hordes
Calling themselves the ones
Chosen by god
Came rampaging
Hell bent on killing us all
I was promised that if I am quiet
On the boat sailing the sea
Once we land
I will be home safe and free
I was quiet, did not even cry
When the big waves swept me away
Away from my only hope
Never once I opened my mouth
Hoping for the almighty to take me home
It is darkness now all around me
Not a star up in the sky
They had chosen the darkest night
For a safe trip across the sea
The hand of darkness from the 
Depth of the bottomless sea
Crawling up to take me down
I can not lose my faith in the almighty
Whom I have never seen
If there is life after death
And we do meet
I will have one question
Why was I chosen to leave
Before I was old enough
To lose my faith
In humanity

Midday Sun on a Gray Winter Sky

Even the gloomiest day of a gray winter day will pass and sun will rise bright, so will our bad days pass and future will be bright.

Midday Sun on a Gray Winter Sky

There is no warmth any more,
Left only memories of yore.
Do not understand my own creation,
Life around me has moved on.
Like a fossil I sit brooding,
Trying to figure what went wrong.

Midday sun on a grey winter sky,
Fills my heart with sadness,
Makes me cry.

Sun winks at me and smiles,
Clouds will disperse ,
Bright and golden I will rise.

Christmas has come and gone

Life goes along, Christmas and New Years come and go, old memories fade, accumulate new ones. Circle of life continues as we move along.

Christmas has come and gone


Christmas has come and gone,
Waiting for New Years
To take the lights down.
Life will go on same
As the years past,
Resolutions taken and broken.
We will wait eagerly
For the next one,
And then the next.
Like a conveyor belt
Delivering same product
Over and over again.

Albums old are gathering dust.
Digital albums,
Full with photos past.
Need to buy more memory
To accumulate new ones.
Old memories are fading
Lights are getting dimmer.

Show will go on
As long as it can.
Light up in Christmas,
And wrap it up again.
Every new year,
Same as the year gone by.
Happiness, laughter
Sorrow and pain.
Circle of life rolls along,
As we move forward
Down memory lane.

Conflicted Emotions

Face is a mask hiding emotional scars. Conflicted emotions wheather to conform or break boundaries and set oneself free.



Conflicted Emotions


Deep inside,
Carry the scars
Of my battles
With myself.

My face,
A mask,
With a smile.

Conflicted emotions!
Dance to
Choreographer’s tune?
Follow the
Written script?
Break all boundaries,
Set free,

Christmas Musing

day will come when all of us will be able to greet any of us, irrespective of our religious affiliation, with the religious greeting of the season without feeling out of place

Christmas Musing

It was a bright, beautiful, cool, sunny Christmas morning in my hometown.  In essence, it was a gorgeous day.  My inbox and social media, whatever little I use of it, was full with Christmas, Holiday and early New Year’s greetings.  Made me think.

I am not a Christian nor any member of my immediate family is Christian, so none of us practice the religious side of Christmas but I think many of us take part in some way in the festive side. But among my family members, I did not see any hesitation from any corner in wishing Merry Christmas (or the secular greeting of Happy Holidays in some case) to each other.  I have seen many of my friends wishing  Eid Mubarak or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Diwali to my Muslim or Jewish or Hindu friends and I do it regularly myself without thinking anything about it. But I will be hard pressed to find one single occasion when I may have greeted any of my family members with Eid Mubarak or Happy Hanukkah greetings.  Though I do not have any data to prove it, I do not think I will be amiss if that’s the case with my friend circle also.  So what makes it easy to greet non Christians with Merry Christmas in the season?  Is it that rampant commercialization ( and Santa Claus ) has made Christmas, at least the festive part of it, more secular and acceptable to people of other faith.  If that is so, more strength to commercialization.

I do hope that a day will come when all of us will be able to greet any of us, irrespective of our religious affiliation, with the religious greeting of the season without feeling out of place ( or shall I say out of religion).  Till that day comes, peace be upon all of us.  Live and let live ( in peace).

Who Do I Thank

Just thankful to be in this beautiful world on a beautiful morning

(Written on Thanksgiving, 2015, morning during a hike on the hills near my home)

Who Do I Thank

Oh! Who do I thank?
This beautiful morning,
What do I call thee,
Creation or evolution?
Or just a marching of time?
Infinity or finite universe,
Does it matter,
Here and now?
Sunlight streaming,
Birds chirping,
Colorful leaves
Caught in an up draft ,
Like butterfles
Glistening in the morning sun,
Mild breeze
Caressing  my face,
Cooling touch
Gently drying my sweaty skin,
Heart pounding
Begging for rest,
One more step,
One more bend on the trail,
Just thankful to be away
Amidst nature so bountiful.
Giving freely all its blessings,
Asking nothing in return.
Just thankful to be
Here and now,
Thanks to be
In this beautiful world.


Does enjoying all our senses makes us aware of our existence as human or only thinking makes us human?

(“I Think Therefore I Am”  – René Descartes)


I see
The golden sunlight
Filtering through the leaves.
Feel gentle breeze
Caressing my cheeks.
Smell fragrances
Of wild flowers
Wafting on the breeze.
Hear the birds chirping away,
My feet gently treading the
Moist grass beneath,
Velvety to my touch.
Wild berry’s heavenly taste
Melting in my mouth.
This is heaven on earth.
I think I am alright.
Oh sacrilege!
I think?
Therefore I am?

Holiday Lights

Comical way of looking at the creationist evolutionist debate.

Holiday Lights

Neither atheist,

Nor a true believer,

Creationist no, not a perfect evolutionist,

Nor a secular I do myself find.

Humanist, yes.

Find beauty in things all around,

Though from time to time,

I scratch my head to understand,

why did mosquitoes and leeches abound?

Creator’s way of punishing evolution’s top ranked?

Or when will evolution evolve enough,

To banish pollution and waste from this earth?

Do not want to scratch too much.

Head is already shining bright.

Too many questions, not enough answers.

Let me wear my secular hat for a moment,

And enjoy the Holiday Lights.

Fading Picture of an Unknown Beggar Girl

Memories of a train ride where some passengers taunted a little beggar girl.

Fading Picture of an Unknown Beggar Girl
Settling down on my seat,
For the long journey ahead to my college town,
With a book in my hand
To drown the hustle and bustle of passengers,
All along the platform, up and down.
Single dim light bulb trying it’s best to
Banish the creeping dark shadows of dusk.
Hawkers peddling their wares, shouting
To be heard over the din of multilingual sound.
Sudden commotion,
A rush to the window by few fellow travellers,
Distracted me from my book.
Turned my head
What’s their object of interest,
I wanted to look.

There, extending one of her shriveled hand,
Barely reaching the window,
Tiny, little beggar girl,
May be hardly in her teens,

Tattered pieces of cloth over her distended belly,
Her malnourished body uncovered,
One hand clutching a bundle of rag to her chest,
A days old baby latched to her breast.

What demons had sacrificed
This little girl on their alter of lust?
Robbing her childhood,
Her innocence and  sanity lost.
Forcing her to beg.

Oblivious to the lustful gaze of the animals
At her exposed breasts,
Her sanity long gone,
From window to window she moved,
Pitiful eyes scanning the faces inside,
Silently begging for food.

Oh, the sense of shame and guilt,
My helplessness at the behavior
Of my fellow human beings,
Unable to stop their
Lustful glances and taunts.
As I tried to get her a packet of food,
Train whistled and picked up speed.
It delivered me from my torment,
That haunting pictured etched in my mind.

The face had faded long before
The picture is slowly fading.
Even the passing of several decades
Have not erased the shame and guilt.