Money and life is analogous to lubricant and automobile.

I was waiting for assignment 5 for Blogging 101 to arrive and then I suddenly realized, if Time is money, I am wasting my money.  I became sad and depressed.  A small voice inside me started chirping.  Must be the effect of wasting all those minutes looking at the beautiful blog post of the visiting birds by our fellow bloggmate, Randall Krzak.  The small voice was saying, time is money but money can’t buy you happiness.  Yes, happiness.  Immediately I became happy again.  Then I became thinking about money again.  What is about money that makes us slave to it?  I think money is the lubricant that keeps our life moving smoothly.  Like an automobile to run smoothly, we need oil (lubricant).  Without that the car engine will break down midway through the drive.  But where is the oil?  Out of sight and out of mind.  Most essential but not being flaunted outside.  Oil does not make the auto look beautiful.  There are many other components that must mesh well to produce the beauty that is a eye candy to behold and becomes the ultimate driving machine.  In life also, we need money to keep running our life smoothly.  But it can not be everything. We need other things in life to make us happy, including spending time with our bloggmates in cyberspace sometimes.

That does not mean winning the record powerball lotto on Saturday will not make me happy, the thought of winning itself is making me salivate.  If I win I will hire somebody to type for me.

Blogging 101: Day 3: 5 Tags and 5 Follow

Building a long term relationship need some hard work upfront.

Blogging 101: Day 3: 5 Tags and 5 Follow

Well, that is easy, you would think.  5 Follows, piece of cake. 5 tags, no sweat.  In reality, who do we want to follow?  We want to follow someone or something we like or we want to follow someone or something that is complete anti-thesis to what we like to get a different view point.  Decisions, decisions.  To complete the assignment, it is easy. Just follow your heart.  To build a long term relationship, well like any long term relationship, it will require some hard work upfront.   One of the added assignment of day 3 was to post a blog.  I had been posting regularly in my blog site ( for last few weeks and I thought about what to post.  The result was a poem “To The Author of the Book I am Reading” that I have posted in my blog.  Assignment complete, waiting for the next one.

Blogging 101: Today’s Assignment

A comic take on homework assignment for Blogging 101 course.

Assignment 2: Title and Tag line

The assignment looked very simple.  I thought I will breeze through it.  Little did I know, after leaving my homework days so deep in my past, that I would spend next few hours trying to perfect my tag line. I am happy that I was happy with my title, otherwise who knows how many more hours I would have spent trying to “perfect” my “title”.  Looking at the blog posts from my fellow blogmates ( can I copyright “blogmates”), I am sure that I would have spent several more hours.  But what a wonderful few hours those were.  So many friends in the cloud came up with valuable suggestions.  I also got the inspiration for a poem (Strange World of Internet) that I posted in my blog.  Learning, having fun, meeting new friends, albeit virtually, what more can any one ask for.  Now back to the real world till next assignment. So far so good.