Shielding Innocence

All those who have travelled this path before
A secret written in invisible ink taken to the grave
Testimony to heart pure as snow, a blank slate
Most dangerous place, vulnerable to temptation
Those who are bitten once, on their guard
Silence seal their lips, guardian angels they are not
Bruised, battered hearts weeping silently
Eyes glazed, with a prayer on their hearts
To save innocence from clutches of Satan
God they play not,  hiding their pain
Hoping their struggles are not in vain
To shield innocence as best as they can


A Knot made in Heaven:3LineTale

A constant tug-of-war, daily struggles of life challenging
Frayed and bruised, but the marriage holds strong
A knot made in heaven, resilient and everlasting

3LineTale-Week17 sponsored by Sonya