When the indefensible is defended,
Truth becomes the victim;
For our self interests,
We swallow our independence, and
Clock our intelligence
In language of the learned;
Ah, for the gullible,
And of minds simple,
The believers,
Honesty and integrity
Happy to rest their guilt,
On shoulders of the learned,
They march with their
Heads held high;
After all, everything that’s
Greek and Latin,
Must be the words of God,
Mere mortals they,
Who are they to question;
For the roof over their heads,
Life is mortgaged to
The banks,
And their heads?
Charlatans have a
Lien on that.

Price of Lost Freedom

There is truth
Then there is absolute truth
In between is the murky world
Where science is harangued by charlatans
Evolution battles with creation
News gets bombarded by fake news
Power trumps common sense
And more often than not
Cream that rises to the top
Is nothing but scum that floats
Facts get tortured out of shape
Decency hides behind veils of political correctness
Courage gives way to party lines
Patriotism becomes a game
Humanity slaughtered at the altar of ambition
And somewhere the lies illude us all
When truth becomes the victim
Chaos and mayhem not far behind
Those who prefer to forget history
Will pay the price of lost freedom