Strangers when we met

Communication is essential to ensure that relationship does not regress to being strangers.

Strangers when we met

When we met
Many moons ago
Fellow travelers
Seen the world
Happiness and pain

Without talking
Without speaking

Long walks
In silence
Eyes focused
On different horizons
Road diverged
Without our knowledge

Need to talk
To communicate
Before become
Strangers again


Lost in Communication

Love and understanding can be lost by the pain of spoken words.

Lost in Communication

Side by side
Holding hands
Not a word did
We speak
Our hearts were full
Words did not matter
Knew what we meant
Without a word
Being spoken
Looking at
Each other’s eyes
A gentle touch
Quivering of the lips
Sensuous dance
Of the eyes
Enough to
Speak volumes

We wanted more
Wanted to hear each other
We wanted to sing
Opened our mouth
Words came out
Gently, softly
Singing beautiful tunes
Gurgling like a stream

Our vocabulary improved
We gathered steam
Sweet, soft sound
Of gentle drizzle
Turned to torrential rain
Gurgling stream to
White water rapids
Thunder and lightning
Hearing each other
So much pain

We spoke
But our words
Lost all meaning
In communication