Pinkladies- Local Flora – Stay at home stroll – 10

This is a series about the neighborhood flowers and flowering trees that I saw and enjoyed on my walk in the neighborhood during the stay at home months.  Many of the flowers I don’t know much about and depend on Google lens to get a name.  If there are mistakes, apologize for my ignorance.

Not a native of California, these beautiful flowers in bloom will brighten up any garden. Known also as primrose, they have a habit of escaping the confines of a garden and take residence by the roadside.  In a garden or by the roadsides, these beauties will steal your heart.  They bloom in abundance and splash the area in color.  The whiff of their subtle fragrance is enticing. Wonder any damsels ever blushed this pink. 

O’ ye lovelies

Blushing pink cheeks

Prim and proper 

Dainty ladies

A Rose is a rose