Cistus or pink rock-rose- Local Flora – Stay at home stroll – 7

This is a series about the neighborhood flowers and flowering trees that I saw and enjoyed on my walk in the neighborhood during the stay at home months.  Many of the flowers I don’t know much about and depend on Google lens to get a name.  If there are mistakes, apologize for my ignorance.

Is not that a beautiful flower? I had seen that in some other places also at different times in the wild.  Not sure I can call this one wild though.  This was by the side of a fitness trail on a subdivision near our home. Wild or not, the color was what drew me to it.  It was so bright.  


You touched my heart

With color so bright

Dazzling like a jewel

In bright sunlight

A Rose is a rose




New Year for Homeless

This New Year eve and New Year’s day I did not stay home.  We went out for an impromptu family vacation.  It was fun but something touched my heart.  This is a poem about it. Wrote it in my mother tongue Assamese first and then translated to English.

গৃহহীনৰ নৱবৰ্ষ
মহানগৰীৰব ব্যস্ত প্ৰাণকেন্দ্ৰত এতিয়া মৰিশালিৰ নিস্তব্ধতা 
নৱবৰ্ষক আদৰি বলীয়া ৰাইজৰ ভাগৰুৱা দেহা গৃহাভিমুখী
অযুত জনতাৰ হৰ্ষোল্লাসত হেৰাই গল দুৰ্ভগীয়া ভোকাতুৰ গৃহহীনৰ কৰুণ ক্ৰন্দন
খ্ৰীষ্টমাছ গছত জলমলাই থকা বিজুলী চাকিৰ পোহৰত আৰু 
চকু ছাট মাৰি ধৰা আতচবাজীৰ অৱশিষ্ট ধোঁৱাৰ ৰেশত নাই কোনো উত্তাপ
বৰফ শীতল বৰষুণত মুৰ ধাকিবলৈ খন্তেকীয়া আস্থানৰ চিৰন্তন অন্বেষণ  
বাটৰ সংগী গৃহহাৰা কুকুৰজনিও কৰবাত হেৰাই গল
হয়তো ৰাইজৰ মাজত তাইক এৰি থৈ যোৱা গৃহস্থক বিচাৰি 
কাৰোবাৰ ভৰিৰ গছকত তাই পোটোকা পৰিল
অলপ পিছতে নতুন বছৰৰ সূৰ্য উদয় হব
সেই একেই পুৰণি সূৰজ, নাই কোনো নতুনত্ব 
নাপালো বিচাৰি নৱবৰ্ষৰ আৱৰ্জনাৰ মাজত কোনো অৱশিষ্ট খাদ্যৰ সন্ধান 
নতুন বছৰ স্বাগতম, বিৰাজমান এই দুৰ্ভগীয়াৰ বৃথা হাবিয়াস জীৱন সংগ্ৰাম

Silence of the graveyard  now reigns in the city center
Multitudes of tired bodies trundle homeward after the festivities
New Year’s party is over
Cry of this poor,unfortunate homeless lost in the din of the joyous crowd
There is no warmth in the dazzling lights on the Christmas tree and
The smokey trails of the spectacular fireworks heralding new year
Constant search for a temporary shelter from the ice cold rain unsuccessful
Only companion on the road, the stray bitch, also lost in the melee
May be she was trampled by somebody in the maddening crowd
While she looked for her master who long ago abandoned her
In a while the new year’s sun will rise
The same old sun, nothing new in that
Amongst the confetti littering the streets of the metropolis
Search for some left over food came out naught
Welcome New Year,struggles and longings of this miserable life continues