A barren desert does not bloom

My mind seeks solace

In places I dare not tread

A wall of vain emotion

It can not penetrate

Silent is the suffering, the

Melancholy of solitude

As bleeding heart weeps

Nonchalantly go you

And I wonder when

Destination remained same

But the paths diversed

Small peebles became roadbumps

Perched earth hunker

For some soothing shade

Alas, an elusive rain cloud

Passing by

A barren desert

Does not bloom

Strangers we were

If the choices we make
And the paths we take
And takes us on
Our separate ways
Strangers we were
Before we met
Fellow travellers for
A short time
Mourn not
The path not taken
Take your own path
Guest I am
Just for a short while
In this world
Destination unknown
Strangers we were
Strangers will be

Journey of Life

seek and ye shall find

I seek no more
Nor do I need
Answers to all
Questions left
Truth is same
For one and all
When the ultimate
Destination is known
Does it matter
The path one takes
Embrace the unknown
Take what comes
In its stride
There lies the pleasure
The thrill, the adventure
Of the journey of life

Life a Fellow Traveler

God, in his wisdom, does not tell us when our journey will end. Otherwise there will be no charm in living. Uncertainties are the sparks of life.

Life took my hand
At journey’s start
Many a roads we
Traveled together
Climbed many mountains
Traversed the deepest valleys
Ebbs and flows
Low and high tides
She stayed by my side
From time to time
I did ask
When is journey’s end
She kept on moving
Still holding my hand
Fellow travelers
Joined together by
Inseparable bond
Keep moving
Moving forward together
Journey’s end, unknown
Destination does not matter
When the time comes
Will still be together
Journey new, uncharted

Wanderlust: Week 21 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

It’s been only four days that I have not posted a blog but it felt much longer than that. Suddenly the workload has increased a lot and with summer heat a sense of tiredness and lethargy is slowly settling in.  After coming back from work, the urge to sit down and write is no longer there.  The bed is definitely becoming more inviting than the desk and chair.  I scroll through the posts in my reader but hardly have any strength left to read, comprehend and comment. Clicking the like button without reading feels like cheating to me, so I have refrained from doing so. Today is Wednesday and for the next thirty one weeks I will have to keep my commitment to write something for Write Anything Wednesday.  So here I am, tired, hour and half away from the end of Wednesday and trying to write something, Anything. I just hope I don’t fall asleep and my words start drifting towards some unknown land like a traveller without a fixed destination.

Talking about travel, in a week and half it is the long weekend of Independance Day. With schools being out for summer vacation, this weekend is a busy weekend for travel.  Many of my colleagues have taken the whole week off to go to some exotic places.  Summer is the time when wanderlust is in full bloom.  Everyone tries to take a break from work and travel. Of course for the super rich, every season can be travel season.  But for ordinary folks, their wanderlust is curbed by affordability.  Though this is a good time for us to plan a travel to some place far as both my kids have finished their schools and getting ready to go to college in fall, our work schedule curbed our travel plan.  We have to be satisfied with a short trip up north.

I am feeling good that my fingers are travelling smoothly on the keyboard once I sat down to write.  What I am writing, though not a masterpiece, is a reassurance to myself that I have not turned into a vegetable yet. So before my body refuses to cooperate and shuts down for the night, I am taking leave of you, my dear readers, to go and write a poem starting with the letter “W” for week twenty one of my journey with the letter “W”. With travel in mind, only word that comes to my mind is “Wanderlust”.

This post is in response to Write Anything Wednesday-June-22-2016 sponsored by Writerish Ramblings

Anniversary coming up

Anniversaries can come in many different forms.


My anniversary is coming up. No, no, not that one. That one is private. This one is the one month anniversary of starting my blog. One month anniversary? Anniversary is supposed to be a yearly event. In today’s world of instant gratification, waiting one year to celebrate an anniversary is too long. By that time attention may drift to something else. Anniversary means need to celebrate some accomplishment. What are the accomplishments of last one month (it’s not yet, two more days to go, but that is another story)? Well, started my blog, joined Blogging University Class 101, completed eight assignments, learnt a lot about blogging and still learning, posted fort five blogs. Whew! But best of all, made so many new friends in the parallel universe of the internet and the way they had opened their hearts to complete strangers by sharing their writing, it’s amazing. Continue reading “Anniversary coming up”


People migrates to unknown lands, not knowing what lies ahead, leaving their hearts behind. What matters is that enjoy the ride and at the end of the journey, make the destination your own.


Where it had begun
I left my heart
Where it will end
What to expect
In my path
Changing landscapes
Take me back
To another journey
I took eons ego
To an unknown land
Heart heavy with pain
Leaving everything behind
That I knew
Expectations beckoning
To start anew
Long past that journey
Made my home
In that distant land
Does it matter
What lies ahead
At the end of
The unknown path
Come what may
Enjoy the ride
Embrace the unknown
At journey’s end
Make the destination
Your own.