For a Heaven Peddled

For a God unseen
We sacrifice
Those who need ours
We leave them
To mercy of God
Indoctrained from childhood
We offer prayers
And fill the coffers
Of those
Whose business is
The soul of mortals
Who amongst us
Has seen afterlife
For a heaven peddled
We mortgage our present
And create hell
On earth
While the custodians
Of morality
Turn a blind eye
As the powerfuls
Bend the rules
They have sold
Their souls
And tangoed with
The devil
Offering balms
To our tortured souls
If politics makes
Strange bedfellows
Religion is not
Far behind


Warriors they call themselves, fighting for a cause
All they know is to fight, without any pause
Rattling their sabers, they march on and on
Rain or shine, for the cause they will fight on
In God they believe, human lives matter not
Orders they follow blindly, whether right or not
Righteousness is not a virtue, morally corrupt lot
Sold their souls to the devil, martyrs they are not

Warriors to be for peace and truth, never in their thoughts

Week 15 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”