Conditioned by heartbreaks such,
that I now look at praise askane;
if you find me aloof and distant,
know it’s not me, but
the fear of rejection
raising its ugly head;
I now fear the light that
hides the truth,
and embraced darkness unpretentious;
darkness that glitter with false light,
where hopes are drowned
in promises of elixir of life,
and love is traded and exchanged
in flesh markets;
Oh ye all with high hopes
of a bright future in your hearts,
enter here at your own risk,
for here hopes come to die,
and heartbreaks reign supreme.


Flowing freely
Neither a beginning
Nor an end
Those who have
Enough to spare
Indulge and splurge
Those who haven’t
Won’t have any
To spare
Till they die
Those who have
Do not have
Time to spare
To help the needy
Lest it takes time
Away from their
Rest and recreation
Those who do not have
Time to die
What value
Time is to them
Free, everlasting
Most valuable
To those who have
To others
Commodity worthless