Monday Haikus : Don’t Pass The Buck

Today here and now
Tomorrow is far away
Onus is on you

Being good human
Squander not inheritance
Malign not the world

Why do pass the buck
Eyed responsibility
Unite, not divide

Make it great again
By deed, not smoke and mirrors
Talk is cheap, work not

Enjoy happiness
In responsibility
Burden it is not


Walls around us
To keep us safe
From ourselves
Or from intruders

Walls that we create
To divide and separate
Our brothers and sisters
From us

Walls are manifestation
Of our own fears
And obsessions
Of unknowns

Walls to be erected
Where none existed before
Our worst enemies
Our ignorance

Walls divide
Hearts unite
Break down the barriers
Walls nyet, bridges Sí

Week 27 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Write anything Wednesday Aug-03-2016