Wake me up from this bad dream when
All is over and once again civility reigns
Kinder, gentle spirits abound
Everybody gets along together and celebrates

Wake of this great wave of revulsion has propelled
Angry outbursts, spewing venoms of hatred
Kaleidoscope of vibrant colors shattered
Engulfing anxiety weakening inner spirit

Wake for the funeral of decency hope it is not
Anger will subside and sanity prevail
Keeping people united is the order of the day
Enemies of democracy must be kept at bay

Write anything Wednesday Nov-23-2016


Cash is king
In my dream
Robbed the treasury
For a king’s ransom
Why you will ask
Because as the famous
Highwayman said
That’s where all
The cash is
Heard the distant
Thundering hooves
In my haste to flee
Put as much cash
In my pockets
As fast as I can fill
Ran for my dear life
Fast as a gazelle
Jumping over the barricades
Over the hill
Jumped the trenches
With a leap
Sweating and tired
Fell on the otherside
With a thunderous sound
Found myself rolling
Under my bed
My hands through
Holes in my pockets
All my cash
Pipedreams, down the holes

prompt for socs august-13/16

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “cash.” Use it in your post as a noun or a verb… or a name! Enjoy!


Waistline, how do we hate your growth
Ample waistline definitely do we loath
In a world where being thin is in
Slim fast is always in our dream
Tough it is to reduce once you grow
Love handles do not evoke love you know
Insurmountable pain we endure to reduce
Not knowing what other ailments your growth will induce
Everyday I end up only drinking juice

Waistline of mine
Will you ever stop growing

Week 22 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Write anything Wednesday June-29-2016