Life is a List

Life that has become a list of hurried events and to-do-list is meaningless.

Calendar of To-Do-List,
Tasks to be completed,
Meaningless gestures,
Impatience reigns.
Life has become
An accumulation of
Hurried events.

Silent voices
In our brains,
Lost in the cacophony
Of meaningless sounds,
Talks fail to communicate.

We wait for the moment
To check every bullet
On the to-do-list,
Strike through every task,
Before we stop
To smell the roses,
Roses have withered.

If there is life after,
Somewhere beyond eternity
Where time has no meaning,
Dark voids of space,
Absolute vacuum,
Where sound is silent,
Hand in hand
We walk.
Life meaningful again,
Not a list of
Hurried events.


Our ego clouds our judgement that our learning is superficial and that may lead to disastar.



We scratch the surface
Gather few grains of sand
Our hearts bursting with pride
With knowledge newly found
We march out to the world
Blowing our trumpets
To educate the masses
When we are questioned
And answers elude us
Claim the high moral ground
Branding the inquisitives
As rabble rousers
In the cocoon of our ego
We are oblivious to reasons
Humility was long discarded
In the downward spiral
Of our deadly dance