Somewhere between the lines, love got lost

My life is bared for you to see in all the lines I wrote

You decided to read between the lines and pick and choose

You let imagination run wild,  gave free rein to emotion

Somewhere between the lines, love got lost in translation

I just ask for a moment of your life to read and look

And you will find that my life is an open book

Like a river that runs calm and runs deep

So is my love for you darling, forever to keep


First published on my blog on March 9, 2016 in honor of International Women’s Day. This poem was also a part of my “52 weeks journey with the letter “W”.
Wonder everyday
Where would we be
Without them
Will we be complete
When there is none
World without women
What will it be
We will find
Wonderful qualities all combined
Woe to the men
Who demeans women
With all fine qualities
Weaker sex why do we call
When for nine months
Womb carry the future world

Without you
Where would we be
Wholeheartedly, without reservation
We salute thee


Wordpress, a phenomenon, a kaleidoscopic explosion
Opening authors to explore new horizon
Reality mixed with fiction, sentiments and emotions
Discover a treasure trove hitherto hidden
Pure delight to be shared free with all
Range of subjects for our relaxation
Enabling bloggers to exchange views across the world
Strong bonds formed with friends unknown
Simply an enjoyable fabulous gemstone

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