Title 25

Chasing darkness, mind’s darkest post infected
Day and night, the rolling caravan empty
Dark clouds shrouding the vast aquatic blue
Of a high July sky, pyrotechnique lightning
Piercing a look at life itself,
Necrotic memories recalled in droves, of
Family, friends and strangers, what’s the difference
Words tumble and fall, presto! ideas rain,
Melting thoughts in a crescendo
Deserted words rushing and prompting me
To say something, eyes shut, questions unanswered
Time will teach to unfurl the umbrella
Taking shelter from the scorching sun of July’s high noon
From the depth of darkness’ choreography
Ever resilient mind shouts “don’t cry”,
In the darkness, you be the light.

I do not claim any creative integrity for the words of this poem. I decided to take the titles of first twenty five posts in my reader today morning without reading the posts first, so that I am not influenced by the thought process of the posts, and string those titles into a poem. The result is Title 25.  I am going to add those twenty five titles in tags. If any of the original bloggers are offended, please let me know and I will take the post dow. Now it’s time to go and read those twenty five blog posts.