Flowing freely
Neither a beginning
Nor an end
Those who have
Enough to spare
Indulge and splurge
Those who haven’t
Won’t have any
To spare
Till they die
Those who have
Do not have
Time to spare
To help the needy
Lest it takes time
Away from their
Rest and recreation
Those who do not have
Time to die
What value
Time is to them
Free, everlasting
Most valuable
To those who have
To others
Commodity worthless


Wrap-up my journey today
Really thrilling while it lasted
Alternating euphoria and depression
Prodding me to continue on
Under self imposed deadline
Posting a poem before midnight every Wednesday

Web of stories with warm and warmth
Why worry when it’s always we, not I
Wish I could fulfil all want and need
Wonder sometimes the wisdom of continuing
Weekend warriors or wimp
Wounded hearts bleeding for women’s rights
Wildfires destroying weeds and wildflowers alike
Wedding bliss marred by bulging waistlines
Within us all is an insatiable wanderlust
Wait and waiting for wind of change in this world
Wheel of fortune never translates to winning
Walk in the woods thinking of what’s wrong
Weary wife keeping wake for family well-being and welfare
Writing in the wall of perils of climate change ignored
What do we know about
Wrong or right, wise or fool
Welcome to a world where fake news make us drool
Woven fabric of humanity stretched thin
Winter of the human race may be beckoning
Warning me that it is wrap-up time for
Wonderful fifty two weeks journey to come to an end

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