The Evening Colors

Sky as the canvas

Cloud as brush

Setting sun providing

The colors

Nature painted

An evening of


That darkness of night

Could not hide

I was sitting outside in my backyard yesterday evening as the sun was setting and evening sky was changing colors by the moment. I sat mesmerized. As it was slowly getting dark, I realized I did not take any photos. Afraid that if I go to get my camera darkness would set in, I took photo with my cell phone. The resulting noise is apparent in the featured image. At least something is better than nothing.

As Time Flies By

I close and open my fist in disgust
As I see time fly by
In time I can’t catch wasted time
Knowing fully well that I will rue
The time that flew by
There will be a time
When I will ruminate
The time that flew by
Time would only tell
What could have been
What I lost
As summer slowly passes
And I sit languidly
Listening to the gossips of the day
Silent gazes of strangers
Clouded by rising steam
From continuously refilled coffee cups
Locks for a moment on something
And furtively look away
Are they also ashamed of
The guilt of killing time
As another summer day
Rolls away to dusky evening
Co-conspirators we all
Guilty as accused
Vicarious pleasure
Of wasting time
As time flies by