Wednesday, expectations beckoning
Wonderful weekend, just around the corner
Worries of a long week slowly fading
With slow and steady steps
Weathering the work week
We, the warriors of the
Workforce of this world
Will ultimately hope to
Win this battle
Wondering every Monday
Will this be the last
Week we will be
Working, but on this
Worry if can complete
Whatever may come, two more days
Will roll over to Friday
Weekend, glorious weekend
We survived one more of
Worrisome weekday

Week 17 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Write Anything Wednesday May 25, 2016

The Closed Window

All I ever wanted was a desk and a chair
By the window of a humble mountaintop lair
Eyes feasting on panoramic vistas open to distant horizon
A book in my hand opening the windows to the world beyond
Gentle wind caressing my hair, imaginations running wild
Aromas from a cup of tea wafting through the air
Turning the pages of the book illuminated by the morning sun
I reflect on what this life has become
Battered by thousand storms of unfulfilled expectations
Harsh realities pushing simple dream beyond recognition
Smiling face masking the ache of a heart silently weeping alone
Storm damaged window of a lonely heart shuttered long ago
Words on pages of this closed book are now meaningless
Fading light of the setting sun does not come through
The closed window anymore


People migrates to unknown lands, not knowing what lies ahead, leaving their hearts behind. What matters is that enjoy the ride and at the end of the journey, make the destination your own.


Where it had begun
I left my heart
Where it will end
What to expect
In my path
Changing landscapes
Take me back
To another journey
I took eons ego
To an unknown land
Heart heavy with pain
Leaving everything behind
That I knew
Expectations beckoning
To start anew
Long past that journey
Made my home
In that distant land
Does it matter
What lies ahead
At the end of
The unknown path
Come what may
Enjoy the ride
Embrace the unknown
At journey’s end
Make the destination
Your own.