Hopes and heartbreaks

Stopped living by others’ expectations

And that made all the difference

Freedom to speak own mind

Fear of losing friends


Hopes and heartbreaks

Things of past


These new wings flutter


Tread alone if needed

Opened heart

To embrace the unknown

Childhood returns


Unbound explorations


Ready to resist

Crushing suffocation

Of a society

That lost its


Half Full

Optimist but also pragmatist
Always viewed the glass half full
Age and myopia
Has dimmed the distant rim
It’s for the better
As life slowly drains out
Life is still half full
Imagination and insight intact
Day when the boatman arrives
Ferry me across the river Styx
Will be waiting
With excitement
To begin a new journey
Exploration and excitement beckons
No hurry boatman
Whenever the time comes
Will have fun
Crossing the river with you