Love is not blind

Those who profess by

Love at first sight,

Are also the ones

Brainwashed by the notion

Love is blind.

Like a fine wine

Mellowed by age,

A taste enhanced,

And value soared,

Love that has withstood

The test of time,

Seen the ebb and flow

Of life,

Good times and the bad,

That’s the love

That thrives.

The wrinkles of time,

Unkind to the beautySkin deep,

Dims the sights,

Enhancing the glow

That burns steadily

Deep down in the heart,


Love is not blind,

Love is not blind.

River Banks : Tuesday Photo Challenge – “Flow / Banks”

This week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge prompt from Frank  is  “Flow ( or is it Bank?)”.  I hope to capture both.

CrossingRiverBrahmaputra from NimatighattoMajuli_R1
Crossing the River Brahmaputra from Neemati Ghat To Majuli River Island in a ferry, Assam, India, December 2017

River Luit, Majuli River Island, Asam, India, December 2017

Dipholu RiverKNP_R1
Dipholu River, Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India, December 2017


Morning in Varanasi, River Ganga, December 2017