TLT: Those Loving Hands That Pushed My Swing


Eons ago, your loving hands pushed my swing, up and down, back and forth,
pushing harder and harder, you encouraged me to fly.
Explore, expand your horizon,go forward, have faith,I will be waiting, you said.
Today I am ready to push, but you are gone, those loving hands will push no more.

three line tales week 37: swing with chairs in the background

Three Lines Tale – Week Thirty Seven


I Wanna Fly Away

I wanna fly
I wanna go away
Don’t wanna get stuck
I wanna fly away
To distant lands
Adventures beckons
I wanna spread my wings
Ride the jet streams
Ride the waves
With the migrating geese

Dream on my darling
But you need to act
If you want to fly
You need to try
Have you ever
Jumped high

And remember
When you succeed
And do fly away
Like the migrating geese
Come back home
When the seasons turn grey


>featured image from Directionsmtshasta’s Blog<