Footprint on sand

Does being born
Enslave us
To a life forlorn
In the quest of
Leaving a footprint
On sand
We dance and sing
To the tune
Of puppeteer(s) unknown
To be remembered
After we are gone
We happily accept
The crown of thorn
And make a mockery of
Of others
And our own
©Pranab Sarma, 2018


This poem started as a comment to Will I Make HeadLine News ( Sweet Aroma)

Life Grants Me a Wish

If life ever grants me a wish
Ask and you shall get
Without any precondition
One and only one wish
Grant me a life to
share and share well
A life that I can
Live to the fullest
Without leaving a footprint
And when the time comes
To leave
The satisfaction
Of beholding a smile
On every face
Surrounding me

Life Without Rhythm

In life it does not matter if everything falls in line or not. It matters if one has tried or not.

In a life without rhythm
Does it matter if
Poetry does not rhyme?
Why waste time
Looking for words
Falling in line?

Waves crashing on the shores
Washes away footprints
On sands of time.
Enjoy the beauty
While you can.
Do not leave footprints,
Those who come behind
Leave it unspoiled for them.

May have failed
At everything I tried,
Happy at where I am
Because I tried.

May not have been the best
Lover, spouse, father,
Never had the Midas touch
Why should I bother?
Never gave up, never left,
Present at every step.
Is it a crime,
If my poem does not rhyme?

Realization at last
From chaos to creation,
There is a rhyme in
Life without rhythm.