My Pancakes Sang the Blues

Poem based on my culinary skill experimentation making breakfast today (8-31-2017) morning

Breakfast time,  to the kitchen,  pancakes in the menu today,
Healthy choice, blueberry pancakes, to start the day.

Searched the fridge, no fresh berries, what to do,
Frozen berries, used for smoothies,  to the rescue.

Microwaved for a quick defrost,  what a soggy mess,
Limp blueberries floating on purple juice to my distress.

Start the batter,  fire up the stove, pancakes I will make,
Frozen or not,  blueberry pancakes,  whatever it takes.

Batches of pancakes,  all nice round,  plump and soft
Bottom of the bowl, looking melancholy, was a deep purple broth.

Made little blue batter, why let good thing go to waste,
Out came a few blue pancakes,  looking their best.

Proud of my culinary skill,  top of the pile blue pancakes went;
One look at them,  my better half screamed and went into a rant.

Don’t judge by the color, I reasoned,  taste and give them their due;
Alas! lost cause, cast aside, my lovely pancakes sang the blues.

The blue pancakes were very tasty though

Old Fool: Seasons:Limerick Challenge Week 39

She came into my life like a spring sunbeam
It must have been a midsummer’s night dream
Autumn of my life I was darn right foolish
Oh how she made me endure all her fetish
Left me cold in winter like a frozen ice cream

This post is in response to  Limerick Prompt Week 39 : Seasons sponsored by Mind and Life Matters