Cherry Blossom- Local Flora – Stay at home stroll – 6

This is a series about the neighborhood flowers and flowering trees that I saw and enjoyed on my walk in the neighborhood during the stay at home months.  Many of the flowers I don’t know much about and depend on Google lens to get a name.  If there are mistakes, apologize for my ignorance.

Spring is cherry blossom time in our neighborhood.  Though our neighborhood cherry blossoms can not compete with the national mall in Washington DC, still they brighten up the neighborhood with their radiant beauty.  Many households have them in their front yards.  The flowering cherry trees that stand stark naked all through out the winter suddenly comes to life with vibrant colors.  Alas, the blooms are short lived.  Soon they will give away to green leaves as the colorful blooms vanish one by one. No fruits will follow.  Such is the law of nature, the cycle of life.  At Least I did not have to use Google lens to know what are those beautiful blooms. 

stayathomestroll6-resized (2)

Though your stay is short

With colors vibrant and petals so soft

You brighten up the landscape

Before you deport

A Rose is a rose




Girl from Copenhagen: Limerick

This post is one day late.

There was this girl from Copenhagen
Thought it would be cool to be vegan
Became very thin and lean
On a diet of fruits and beans
People started calling her Farting Megan


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