Fun and Sun: RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #197

This post is in response to Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge prompt Fun & Sun

Her days in sun gone
Horses went back home, she didn’t
Villains had their fun

Image result for free photo of asifa of kathua
Photos of Asifa Bano from Google

Note: I was debating if I should include the photo with this post. Everytime I look at that face my heart breaks, tears roll down my eyes.  I do not know if there is a God, but if there is one I am not sure why he/she allowed this innocent flower to be sacrificed in such a horrendous way.


Walk the path you chose
All alone if you must
Life is yours to live
Keep it under control

Walk for your health
As best as you can
Let not life’s worries
Kill all the fun

Walk the path less travelled
At Least make a try
Lead life as happy as can be
Kind and gentle be you

Walk with your family
And with your friends
Lots of goodwill and love
Keep you happy and hale

Write anything Wednesday Aug-24-2016

Monday Maladies

The Daily Prompt Frivolous

Sunlight streaming through the blinds

Wakeup signals to remind

It’s time to start the week

Repeated attempts to silence the alarms

Snooze buttons refusing to respond

Yesterday was not a fun filled Sunday

Nor is it going to be a manic Monday

Just the mundane drudgery of a workweek

Looking at me to start my day

Hundreds of excuses to stay in bed

None that will muster even a glance

All my frivolous attempts to postpone

Starting of Monday maladies have failed