We bribe and seek purity

We corrupted the gods

To satiate our greeds

Build temples galore

When millions sleep in streets

We promise to bestow wealth

If our wants are fulfilled

And then cry to high heaven

That the world is ruined

By people taking bribes

To do what needs to be done

And exempt the gods

From looking after us

We, mere mortals, created gods

In our own carricatured images

Shamelessly we bribe and

Seek purity

and male created gods

Did men imagine and created gods in their own imperfect images?

Ahur Mazda and Jehovah
Jeus and Jupiter
Vishnu, Brahma, Maheshwar
God and Allah
Every one we had prayed and pray
All males!
Is it a coincidence?
From the womb that we came,
Are we afraid to worship them?

Gender discrimination, preordained?

Creation of fertile imagination
Of idle men,
Creating gods in their own images?
Bipolar world creating
Bipolar image,
All merciful
Asking for sacrifice.
Heaven and hell
Is here on earth,
What we create
We see the results.

Are we created
In his image, or
Imagined perfection
Of our images led
Imperfect males to
Create gods
In their images?