At the end of the day

Make some hay

As the sun shines

You say

Sitting by the bay

As sun goes down

At the end of the day

Thought of hay

Furthest from my mind

As the sun shines, and

A zephyr ruffles the waves

My mind drifts to

What lies behind

A dream perhaps, not

Of what was lost

But what is yet to come

I know in my heart

As the sun

Goes down the bay

Somewhere a new dawn

A new sunrise

And I am ready

Come what may

To face the world

At the end of the day

Old Album: Limerick Challenge Week 16 – Memories

Captured on pages of the old album
Memories of my buddies drinking rum
Frolicking on the dried hay
It was such a funny day
Both caught cavorting with their pants down

This post is in response to Limerick Challenge Week 16 by MindandLifeMatters