Search for the Ghost of Antonin

A few more days
To tolerate the stink emanating
From Goebbels’ progenies
All the righteous hot air
Pervading the air waves
Will hopefully fall silent
Whether the grey old people
Doing their politically correct dance
Gingerly sidestepping the real reason
For throwing their support
Behind the self aggrandizing trumpeter
Blowing hot and cold
The key to the holy grail
Is the prize for which
They will sell their souls
Even to the one they say they despise
Vacant SCOTUS seat must be filled
But only by one of their own
Constitution and democratic principles be damned
The litmus test must be passed
The womb tightly controlled
The rotting bones of the
Black robed regal pompous
Erudite constitutional scholar jurist
Must be rising from his grave
Gleefully casting his ghostly shadows
On the ninth vacant seat
A few more days, handful of hours
Will sanity prevail when
People have their say, and
Search for the ghost of Antonin
Hopefully will come to an end

Science Unleashed

Tigons  and Ligers
Embryos in petri dish
Test tube babies
Life cloned
Dolly the sheep 
Fear the world
With thousands of
Hitlers, Stalins
Maos or Trumps
Science progresses
By leaps and bounds
Human Organs grown in animals
Or animal organs in humans
Are we creating
New species 
Humals or Animans
Organ harvesting
To reward the rich
For their extravagant excesses
Or a cure for all 
Billions of poor will
Silently suffer
Science unleashed
Research for benefitting masses 
Or seeking the holy grail of
Eternal youth and
Elixir of life for the rich

This poem is the result of thought process of hearing a discussion on National Public Radio on my way to office yesterday. I do not know the title of the topic of discussion as I heard it somewhere in the middle and did not hear the ending as I reached office before discussion was over.  The topic related to growing human organs in animals and harvesting those organs for treating incurable diseases requiring organ transplant.  As far as I can understand, it involved stem cell research and DNA and is supported by NIH.