Old Fool: Seasons:Limerick Challenge Week 39

She came into my life like a spring sunbeam
It must have been a midsummer’s night dream
Autumn of my life I was darn right foolish
Oh how she made me endure all her fetish
Left me cold in winter like a frozen ice cream

This post is in response to  Limerick Prompt Week 39 : Seasons sponsored by Mind and Life Matters


Fairytale:Limerick Challenge Week 36

There was this girl from India
Dreamt of being fairytale queen of Frisia
Dreamt all day and dreamt all night
What a sorry state was her sight
When she woke up naked in Finlandia

This post is in response to Limerick Challenge Week 36-Fairytale sponsored by Mind and Life Matters

Wedding Pains: Limerick Challenge Week 23 – Wedding

After all the planning it’s the wedding day
The groom is anxious for his roll in the hay
Bride is having all the fun
Drinking her whiskey with rum
Poor worried groom’s hairs are all turning gray

This post is in response to Limerick Challenge Week 23 Wedding sponsored by Mind and Life Matters

Brown Lipstick:Limerick Challenge Week 22 – Color

He was a man of great imagination
Colors were his extreme fascination
She liked her lipstick brown
It always made him frown
Clash of ego became his ruination

This post is in response to Limerick Challenge Week 22 Color sponsored by Mind and Life Matters

The Brothers Dream : Limerick Challenge Week 21 – Envy

The Brothers Dream liked to tell stories
They told about old days and past glories
Fantasies spun night and day
Of damsels frolicking in hay
Listeners green with envy at their inventories

This post is in response to LimerickChallengeWeek21  hosted by Mind and Life Matters

Salute to Mother: Limerick Challenge Week 19 – Mother

All the mothers in the world, I salute thee
Carry future of the world for nine months free
Some turn out fine and alright
Others are a lifelong fight
Are fathers to just have fun and make merry

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Infidelity: Limerick Challenge Week 17 – Farewell

There was this beautiful couple in New York
Having a quiet dinner of roasted pork
Somebody loudly rang the bell
Man ran out without a farewell
Husband ran behind him with a pitchfork

This post is in response to Limerick Challenge Week 17 by MindandLifeMatters

Old Album: Limerick Challenge Week 16 – Memories

Captured on pages of the old album
Memories of my buddies drinking rum
Frolicking on the dried hay
It was such a funny day
Both caught cavorting with their pants down

This post is in response to Limerick Challenge Week 16 by MindandLifeMatters