Morning Bloom

Photo by author:Nov 12, 2017

‘He made the world to be a grassy road

Before her wandering feet.’ – W. B. Yeats

O’ morning bloom

Cheeks turned lovely pink

Gently touched by rising sun

One look at nature’s boon

All it took

To shrug off the gloom


O’ morning bloom

Fill my heart with joy

Banishing dark, gory mood

What a joy to behold

Your smiling, radiant face

Warming my heart

Driving away chilling cold


O’ morning bloom

Spread the joy all around

For a moment

Give us hope

Push away thoughts

Of dawning doom

This poem is in response to Jane Dougherty’s A Month (November) with Yeats Challenge day Twelve

Limerick Challenge Week 15: Dark

Alone at night, my mood down and dark

In the distance I hear a lonely dog bark

A door slowly creaks open

With a furtive glance he ran

She followed stark naked singing like a lark

This post is in response to Limerick Challenge Week 15 by MindandLifeMatters

My first attempt at writing a limerick