Sunday musings

If life would have followed mathematics

Life would have been simple

One plus one would be two

and two plus two would be four

But in life one plus one

May be eleven

Or the answer may be zero

Or intedeterminate

All depends on what’s

Wanted from life

And what’s willing to be given up

Many a time

Need and want

Passion and profession

Belong to mutually exclusive clubs

Maybe, just maybe

Life still is a mathematical model

Built around a set of

Complex equations full of

Irrational numbers

Worshipping Wants

Worshipping want
Perpetually enslaved
Imprisoned workplace
Convoluted reality
Losing senses
Mortgaging life
Ever widening gap
Have and have nots
Climbing ladder
Distant ceiling
Beyond reach
Lost foundation
Sacrificed needs
Unmanageable life
Marches on
Efforts unrewarded
Blaming others
Self-created misfortunes
Ruining homes
We are
Our own
Worst enemies
Black Fridays
Cyber Mondays
Marketing gimmicks
Ever tightening noose
Drowning ourselves
Never ending dreams

Week 8 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

This week has been tough to keep my motivation. Jet lag certainly did not help. It did give me the opportunity to read many wonderful blogs and allowed me to think. Unfortunately my head was filled with cobwebs and all the coffee and chips were not able to open the knots. Must have helped my waistline gain a few inches. I tried to write but was stumbling. Was it the dreaded “Writer’s Block”? I prided myself of not having writer’s block as I do not think of me as a writer. I do not have the discipline of a writer. I ramble rather than keeping to a theme. My blog is rather disorganized, so yesterday I thought that I will sit down and try to organize my categories as a first step.  And then I got this comment from my fellow blogger(Just Joan 42) to a poem that I had posted (Blank Stare). I am quoting the comment verbatim here : ” Writer’s block at its finest“.  I panicked.  I remembered that sometime back I had written a poem with the title “Writer’s Block” (in jest as a response to another blog or comment).  I hoped that I did not repeat the same words. Went back to search my old posts and was relieved that except the first line of “Writer’s Block”(Writer’s Block) that became the title of “Blank Stare”, nothing else matched. Phew! plagiarising self would have been a first. It made me start organizing my posts and I added a new category, Journey with W, to compile my posts and poems related to my continuing fifty two  weeks journey with W. Hopefully at the end of the year there will be some material there that may be worth publishing.

Now that I got that off my chest, I still have the task of finding a word starting with the letter “W” and write a poem about it.  With a jumbled brain and tired body, I am having difficulty finding one. I really want to continue with this journey and want to see it completed, but do I need to. Wow! I got my word. Want starts with “W” and the difference between want and need could be a good theme. If only I could pen a good poem, what with the dreaded “Writer’s Block” hanging in the background to present me with the “Blank Stare”

Write Anything Wednesday-March 23, 2016