A Special Day

A Special Day?

Hope is what is special
Of this day in the year,
Otherwise it is the same,
Will come and pass
Like any other in twenty four hours.
And tomorrow we shall be
At each other’s throats,
Fighting over trivials
And stoking our egos,
Grandstanding and raising
A tempest in a tea cup
For this cause or that.
But for a day or so,
We shall wish
Happiness, peace and prosperity to all
(all the while sharpening our knives).
So let’s be real friends,
On this special day
Give hope a push,
And get up from your butts,
Reach out and share,
And do what you can
For prosperity for all.

Oh, I forgot. Have a wonderful New Year’s Day.
May the New Year 2020 be full of joy and happiness and fulfill all your dreams.
Now, was I sincere in saying that?
Ah, what does it matter,
It’s just another day.

I was having my morning coffee and as usual going through whatsapp messages on my cell phone. Obviously today it was all about New Year’s wishes, a few lines personally written but 99‰ cut and paste and forwarded messages. As I was sipping on my coffee, the poem started to flow. That’s my personal feeling, no intention to hurt other’s.

Back From My India Trip

I came back from a month long trip to India on New Year’s eve afternoon.  I had a fourteen hour layover in Seoul, South Korea.  Not sure if I picked up some bug at Seoul or during the flight back to San Francisco, by night time of December 31st, I was sick to my bones.  As my family was still back in India, I tried to take care of the sickness as best as I could.  However things went from bad to worse and by the time my family came back from India I was a mess.  To make a long story short, 2018 started for me with sneezing, sniffling, runny nose, body ache, fever and topped off with a lingering cough that did not show any sign of going away.  Ultimately after ten days I went to the doctor today to ensure that I did not have secondary infection.  It was raining here from yesterday and visibility was poor.  It took me forty five minutes to get a parking place in the hospital and I was half an hour late for the appointment.  Luckily all the appointments were running late and I was able to see my doctor who assured me that there was no secondary infection and rest is the only thing I need to get well.

So here I am hoping that I can start where I left off at the end of November, 2017 and 2018 will be rewarding experience of blogging.

Wishing a belated happy, prosperous and wonderful New Year 2018 to all my readers.

Last Sunrise of the Year

Sun does not distinguish between rich and poor in spreading its light and warmth. We should also spread the good wishes for New Year to everyone.

Last Sunrise of the Year

Gentle, golden rays
Of the last sunrise
Of the year
Peeping through the shades
Cajoles me
Rise and prepare
To greet the New Year

I question the
Golden rays
Sun is not new
Rises every day
What’s new in a
New Year

With a wink
Twinkling, golden rays
Smiles and say
Sun is steady
But the earth revolves
Every sunrise is a new day
As the earth
Completes the circle
Comes the
New Years Day

Golden rays paused
And said
Sun shines on
The rich and the poor
The old and the young
Healthy and infirm
Humans and animals
Makes no distinction
So rise
Spread the good wishes
All around
New Years celebration
Not for the rich alone
Poor and the downtrodden
Have the rights
For hope and celebration

So here is to wish
A Happy New Years to all
Peace be on earth
Joy, happiness and health
To everyone
Welcome 2016
Ring the bell.