We are here now

We are here now

Does not matter

How we got here

We dug the hole

Where we find us

We must find a way

To crawl up the wall

Sunlight waits yonder

Blame destiny if we

Want to lament fate

If we feel powerless

Then make peace

With the frog

In the hole we dug

And find your music

As it croaks

Dance to the cacophony

Or else if needed

Stand on each other’s shoulder

And crawl up

Pull up the others

Beneath you

There is great strength in number

Don’t let it go to waste

We are here now


We will have to

Find our way out and

Light the candle

Let truth shine

Sage Advice:RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge # 235 Sage & Vine

This post is in response to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge .


The sage meditates
Up in the Himalayas
Well covered in vines

A good sage advice
As heard through the grapevines
Lost in translation

So now sage and wise
We trim parasitic vines
Resplendent sage bush


It’s Friday and What to Fry

It’s Friday

And I am thinking

What’s to fry

Fried eggs

Enough of that

Also my supply of eggs

Running dry

It’s time for something

New to try

French fries

That’s old

A trip to Micky D

In this freezing cold

Not going to fly

Decisions, decisions

Need some conclusion soon

Before my rumbling tummy

Starts to cry

Think for now

Will stick to tested

Old recipe

Of toast and eggs

And give all thoughts

Of what to fry

A bye bye

Before my brain

Is completely fried

PS. I will not slam the table as I walk out of the bed room, I promise😂

Final product: egg white omelet with onion, kale, mushroom,tomato and avocado

Thursday Tidbits: When Icicles Hang by the Wall

Let me make it clear in the beginning, that title is not mine.  It is the title of one of William Shakespeare’s sonnets from Love’s Labor’s Lost. I will explain below why I chose this title.

During last week of December, 2018 we visited Zion National Park.  There, on our hike on Temple of Sinawava Trail and the trail to the Emerald Pools, we saw icicles hanging by the walls of the majestic cliffs.  This brought back memories from my highschool days , and believe me that was a long long time ago,where our poetry textbook had the poem with the title above  as a required reading.img_4044_icicles3_resizeimg_4100_icicle2_resize Continue reading “Thursday Tidbits: When Icicles Hang by the Wall”

Friend for Life

I wrote a poem in Hindi a few days back that I had shared with my  friends in social media.  The poem is about friendship.  Translated the poem to English today.  Both versions are here, English followed by Hindi.

Behind every little smile
Hidden is  a pain,
One who understands that
Is a true friend.
Answers to every question,
Solution to every issue
May not be there,
Still won’t refuse to
Accompany without a question,
One with that courage,
True friend for sure.
Extending a supportive hand,
Walking side by side,
Offering shoulder to lean,
That’s friend for life.

र मुस्कराहट के पीछे
छुपा हुआ गम जो समझे, 
यार है वह सच्चे। 
हर सवाल का जवाब नहीं, 
हर मुसीबत का इलाज नहीं, 
फिर भी करे ना इन्कार, 
बिन सवालों के साथ देने की
हिम्मत, दोस्त वही हैं पक्के।
हाथ जो बढ़ाई आगे
साथ चलने के, 
कन्धे दिये धीरज के, 
अपनावो उसे दिल मे, 
दोस्त वहीं हैं जीवन के। 

Thursday Tidbits: Prelude

I used to have a category called Thoughts where all my random ramblings including some poems used to reside.  After three years it seems I have lost track of why I used to have this category.  I just digressed.  Trying to put some discipline in my blogging, in the New Year I am going to post stuff other than my poems and postings for various challenges in a category named Thursday Tidbits.  My plan is to post every Thursday.  From my previous experiment with fifty two weeks journey with the letter W, I know it is not an easy task to post in a regular basis.  However I did post regularly every Wednesday a poem starting with the letter W for one full year.  It was hard but rewarding at the end.

Another reason for starting this is the constant request from my eldest son to put my thoughts in writing regarding our experience of growing up in India, migrating to USA and setting up our home here.  His concern is that as time goes by, slowly and slowly the next generation will lose connection with our roots.  Not sure how much I can add to his request as I am not a good writer of prose and never disciplined enough to keep a diary.  So many things will have to be based on memory only and memory plays strange tricks as one becomes old.

Planning on a week long vacation in couple of days. Kids are back from school and my eldest son will come home tomorrow morning, flying in from east coast.  Going to a place with good chance of encountering snow, we have to do last minute shopping for real winter clothings ( does California winters count as real winter except on the mountains?).  We are also trying to finalize a contract for our kitchen remodelling before we leave.  Then Mr. Murphy, the good Irish man that he is, strikes. Yesterday our kitchen sink  got clogged up and the garbage disposal pump discharge started reflowing through the other sink. hole-1293970_640
After couple of bottles of Drano ( I know, I know I am not being environmentally friendly but believe me baking soda and vinegar as well as plunger failed), with their claim of declogging the toughest clog or money back, failed to clear the clog completely and not being able to get a plumber to match our schedule, after much trial and error ( and the two bottles of Drano) I was able to partially unclog the drain pipe but as luck would have it, one of the sink pipes started to leak.  Long story short, we are now reduced to no use of dishwasher.  That, by itself, is not a death sentence.  But being not able to run the garbage disposal means no solid material period in the sinks now and all cleaning to be done at substantially reduced  water flow.  I am now the heplumber-35611_640_resizead-constable in-charge of cleaning operations with my two kids electing to have their meals outside to avoid the rigors of cleaning dishes and pots and pans.  Sadly my wife’s lack of confidence in my plumbing skills were quite apparent in her voting me down to repair the leaking sink.

We did achieve something today.  We finalized the cabinet door design and colors today.  As we were leaving the cabinet designer, my wife told him that she would contact him tonight with her final thoughts.  Now I am wondering are we back to square one.  Oh well, I atleast did my part in keeping my mouth shut.

Happy holidays everyone.  May this holiday season bring much joy to you and your loved ones.



Write for whom I ask
Readers, do they really care
Immensely immersed in imbued imagination
Thoughts transcending timeless travel towards
Eternity, endlessly do I create

Write for my own pleasure
Regaling hopefully all my readers
In you I find my redemption
To all of you there
Ever gratefully send my love

Write with purpose I don’t
Ready to admit my fault
Inside me always a turmoil
Thinking if readers will like
Even little of I write

Writing is not for glory
Rather inconspicuous that I am
Inflated ego I don’t have
Tremble even thinking of that
Enlightenment is all I seek

Writing is not for money
Really the pleasure is mine
In writing I find freedom
Totally selfish, yes I am
End of story, or poem

Write anything Wednesday Aug-17-2016

Start of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey

Wednesday and that means Write Anything Wednesday. In my last Wednesday’s post I had talked about writing a poem every Wednesday that would start with a word starting with letter “W”. Today is the start of that fifty two weeks long journey. To start this journey, I have chosen one of the shortest and in my knowledge only two letter word starting with the letter W. Now I am no lexicographer, so my word is not the final authority. In all my years of playing scrabbles with my kids( Ah!, there I gave out some more pieces of information about me to the clouds), I have not come across any other two letter words starting with the letter W. Kids are expert in scrabbles, right? So I must be on solid grounds about my claim. As pronouns are not allowed to be used in scrabbles, I had lost that fight to the kids.

So without much ado, let me present my first starting word for my first poem of my fifty two week long journey. ” WE “. Why WE? Hope my poem will be able to answer that. Oh my! I have not started writing my poem yet. But the time zone that I live, I still have about nine and half hours left before Thursday rolls in. So I am in good shape. Time for a coffee break. Alas, I will be drinking alone while sharing my thoughts with y’all.


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