A rose is a rose by any other name

Stay at home is grinding on. Slowly I am losing count of days and dates. From barely a few infected cases in the beginning of March, the United States of America is now the world leader in number of people infected and deaths. We are in a trajectory to surpass the number of US soldiers who laid down their lives in the Vietnam war. Somewhere the story of make America great again (MAGA) has become the story of make America sick again(MASA). All these acronyms remind me of Indian classical ragas, maga, masa, sani, dhasa etc., etc. Ah, but I digress. Politics is like opium, once one is hooked, difficult to get rid of the bad habit.

Through all these, nature had been busy doing her work. Spring is always beautiful and our valley is at her resplendent best during spring. The medows are verdant and myriad blooms grace the area. It seems nature, unburdened by pollution this season, is at her gregarious best. It’s more colorful, more fragrant and more of every adjective one can think of. Ever house frontyards in the neighborhood been blessed with nature’s beauty. Alas, the owners are all inside locked doors. Not that in general there are people milling around in an American suburb. But normally during spring and summer, weekends and holidays bring people out onto the street. I think Corona or COVID-19 took care of that. However for the brave souls who hazard out of the house to take a stroll, it also offered an uninterrupted opportunity to enjoy the bounty of nature in the neighborhood.

Whenever I am out for a walk with my dog, I have my cell phone with me. The nearly deserted streets invite me literally to stop and smell the roses. And when I am at it, I also try to capture a snapshot to augment my memory. As I was scrolling through my phone gallery today, I realized that I have a large collection of photos of flowers many of which I am not familiar with at all. Now my dear readers, you all may be more knowledgeable than me about flora and fauna of your locality but I have no hesitation of sharing my ignorance. In the process I hope I can brighten your day a little. I promise not to share more than one a day and also promise that all subsequent posts will be brief. So without further adieu, here is the first one.

A rose is a rose by any other name.

What’s in a name

By whatever name call thee

You are one and the same

Thursday Tidbits: Prelude

I used to have a category called Thoughts where all my random ramblings including some poems used to reside.  After three years it seems I have lost track of why I used to have this category.  I just digressed.  Trying to put some discipline in my blogging, in the New Year I am going to post stuff other than my poems and postings for various challenges in a category named Thursday Tidbits.  My plan is to post every Thursday.  From my previous experiment with fifty two weeks journey with the letter W, I know it is not an easy task to post in a regular basis.  However I did post regularly every Wednesday a poem starting with the letter W for one full year.  It was hard but rewarding at the end.

Another reason for starting this is the constant request from my eldest son to put my thoughts in writing regarding our experience of growing up in India, migrating to USA and setting up our home here.  His concern is that as time goes by, slowly and slowly the next generation will lose connection with our roots.  Not sure how much I can add to his request as I am not a good writer of prose and never disciplined enough to keep a diary.  So many things will have to be based on memory only and memory plays strange tricks as one becomes old.

Planning on a week long vacation in couple of days. Kids are back from school and my eldest son will come home tomorrow morning, flying in from east coast.  Going to a place with good chance of encountering snow, we have to do last minute shopping for real winter clothings ( does California winters count as real winter except on the mountains?).  We are also trying to finalize a contract for our kitchen remodelling before we leave.  Then Mr. Murphy, the good Irish man that he is, strikes. Yesterday our kitchen sink  got clogged up and the garbage disposal pump discharge started reflowing through the other sink. hole-1293970_640
After couple of bottles of Drano ( I know, I know I am not being environmentally friendly but believe me baking soda and vinegar as well as plunger failed), with their claim of declogging the toughest clog or money back, failed to clear the clog completely and not being able to get a plumber to match our schedule, after much trial and error ( and the two bottles of Drano) I was able to partially unclog the drain pipe but as luck would have it, one of the sink pipes started to leak.  Long story short, we are now reduced to no use of dishwasher.  That, by itself, is not a death sentence.  But being not able to run the garbage disposal means no solid material period in the sinks now and all cleaning to be done at substantially reduced  water flow.  I am now the heplumber-35611_640_resizead-constable in-charge of cleaning operations with my two kids electing to have their meals outside to avoid the rigors of cleaning dishes and pots and pans.  Sadly my wife’s lack of confidence in my plumbing skills were quite apparent in her voting me down to repair the leaking sink.

We did achieve something today.  We finalized the cabinet door design and colors today.  As we were leaving the cabinet designer, my wife told him that she would contact him tonight with her final thoughts.  Now I am wondering are we back to square one.  Oh well, I atleast did my part in keeping my mouth shut.

Happy holidays everyone.  May this holiday season bring much joy to you and your loved ones.