Woven into the quilt of our consciousness
Onerous burdens of cultures past
Values hammered and ingrained
Essence of who we really are, lost
Negated by garbage of history

Weaving stories of gods and goddesses
Of gospels passed on as absolute truths
Virtues extolled of mythical heroes
Embellishing divine follies and mischief
Not for mere mortals to divine

Weave we shall a modern tale
Onward in our journey of harmony and peace
Virtues untarnished by divisive forces
Encompassing everyone and love for all
Now is our time to walk proud and tall

Write anything Wednesday Nov-2-2016

Cacophony of Colors

Cacophony of colors, diverse without blending, fluttering in the wind in bright sunlight
Without passing through the melting pot prism, unique and proud, they are all alright
Not differentiated by where they are from, individual but united in their spirit and flight


Three line poem, maximum 100 words, based on the photo above